05/01/2015/E2-Drivers,Secondstage bootloader

Enigma2 20130907 (master) -> 20130927 (master)OE2.0
- added ac3+ support (requires hw drivers with ac3+ support)
- improved storing config files on write-back enabled filesystems (ubifs, ext2, ext3 ....)
- fixed some upnp issues (special char/umlaut issues, servers not showing up, minor fixes)
- fixed subtitle synchronization (was broken on skip fwd/bwd since mkv deadlock fix)
- fixed BlinkingLabel (thanks to Kashmir)
- fixed crash on timer-based deepstandby wakeup
- fixed shutdown on radio services with RASS
- fixed software update on dm500hd / dm800se with external update tool
  (to get automatic updates again, an update via telnet/ssh shell is required once)
Enigma2 20130927 (master) -> 20131001 (master)OE2.0
- extend pid cache for audio types other than AC3 and MPEG
  (required to store last selected ac3+ or aac audio tracks)
- dont send CEC poweroff on idle to standby transition again
- dont send CEC poweron on idle to standby transition
- dont restart previous service on idle to standby transition
- fixed rare crashes on e2 shutdown
- call flush and fsync when storing parental control white/blacklist
Enigma2 20131001 (master) -> 20131112 (master)OE2.0
- added unicable support for jultec JPS0501-8
- added possibility to rename services/markers and bouquets via channelselection context menu
- small storage manager fixes
- changes to support picons for remote services (partnerbox)
- fixed possible epgcache crash
- fixed now event epg query when no next event is available
- fixed endless loop caused by wrongly encoded service names on 10E 11221V 27500
Enigma2 20131112 (master) -> 20131118 (master)OE2.0
- fixed greenscreen on cancel press during service/marker/bouquet rename
- fixed a possible crash caused by plugins which doesn't check the return code of startTimeQuery..
- fixed possible crash on screen close
- fixed broken "ImageDefaultInstaller" (broken since 20131112 update)
- fixed possible ConfigLocations crash (typo)
Drivers ( OE2.0 ) for DM8000HD-last update 28.12.2013

dreambox-dvb-modules: update dm8000 hw drivers
- added support for DDP aka AC3+
- fixed retune on signal lost for cxd1981 tuner (DVB-C/-T hybrid)
- fixed possible crash on last demux filter stop



  • dreambox-dvb-modules_3.2-dm8000-20131228-r7.0_dm8000.rar
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اخر تحديث الدرايفرات للاجهزة الدريم
dreambox-dvb-modules: update dm800, dm500hd, dm800se, dm7020hd, dm800sev2, dm500hdv2 hw drivers
- fixed retune on signal lost for cxd1981 tuner (DVB-C/-T hybrid)
- fixed possible crash on last demux filter stop
- fixed possible demux buffer overflows on high bitrates


  • dreambox-dvb-modules_3.2-dm7020hd-20131228-r7.0_dm7020hd.rar
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  • dreambox-dvb-modules_3.2-dm800sev2-20131228-r7.0_dm800sev2.rar
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  • dreambox-dvb-modules-sqsh-img_3.2-dm800se-20131228-r7.0-sqsh0_dm800se.rar
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  • dreambox-dvb-modules_3.2-dm800se-20131228-r7.0-sqsh0_dm800se.rar
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  • dreambox-dvb-modules_2.6.18-7.4-dm800-20131228-r7.0_dm800.rar
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  • dreambox-dvb-modules-sqsh-img_3.2-dm500hd-20131228-r7.0-sqsh0_dm500hd.rar
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  • dreambox-dvb-modules_3.2-dm500hd-20131228-r7.0-sqsh0_dm500hd.rar
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التعديل الأخير:
Enigma2 20131118 (master) -> 20140214 (master)OE2.0
- devicemanager changes
- added "eject" option to devicemanager to allow for safe removal of harddiscs/storage devices
- removed duplicate choices in storage device hotplug popup
- fixed occasional failure when trying manually mount a storage device
- fixed crashes like: "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/mytest.py", line 133, in <module> config.misc.prev_wakeup_time = ConfigInteger(default=0)
  ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '1382275925.84'"
- added handling for invalid system time when bootup to standby
- added translations for months and days (thanks to merlin team)
- add changes needed since default ConfigPIN is 0000
- small mediaplayer position query fix
- fixed memory leak on ts streaming from network sources
- dont lookup other transponder SDT during service scan by default, add a (expert) config option to reenable it (imho its needed for dish network scan only... but breaks service descriptions on some other satellites)
- fixed possible crash on enigma2 shutdown/restart
- teletext subtitles changes by Arvo J?rve (thanks for that!)
- add fallback handling to detect subtitle language for providers which not correctly implement the national option subset in the page header
 (fixes subtiles on some baltic countries)
- added cyrillic charsets
 (e.g. fixes teletext subtitles on russian services)
- new skin option: progress_pointer
 for using a horizontal pixmap-progressbar with a different ending (e.g. -------------------------O)
 I am using ePositionGauge for that scenario and taking care of the size of the special picture-ending
 <widget backgroundColor="background" progress_pointer="Vali.HD.warp/pgpointer.png:13,0" position="90,674" render="PositionGauge" size="880,13" source="session.Event_Now" transparent="1" zPosition="9" >
 <convert type="EventPosition">Gauge</convert>
التعديل الأخير:
Enigma2 20140214 (master) -> 20140219 (master)OE2.0
- finally fixed baltic teletext subtitles
- added usage config entry to switch back to old teletext subtitle charset selection
- some small changes to improve list displaying with hd skins (thanks to zombi)
SecondStage NFI & BIN


  • secondstage-dm800sev2-88.zip
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  • secondstage-dm500hdv2-88.zip
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enigma2 20140219 (master) -> 20140314 (master) OE2.0

- updated translations
- added some audio/video type extensions