Humax Turbo Suite 2.3

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1 جانفي 2006
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Humax Turbo Suite 2.3 Eye Of Horus
By Humax Turbo Team.
-HTT Humax Patch checker (HPC) fix for ToH3.4_HoT9.4 changes
-HTT Humax 5400Z To Plus Converter (ZPC) for ToH3.4_HoT9.4 changes
-Live Update for firmwaredatabase include downloading the lastest available ToH-HoT Patch.
-Live Update for Key.bin from HTT site.
-HTT Pref Editor is independent now. (you can use it with a patch does not contain preferences module).
-Include TPS.bin in Add Files To Patch.
-TPS.bin to hdfbin-3-006000.raw converter.
-HTT Preferences Editor with RAM Read (Beta)
-HTT Humax 5400Z To Plus Converter
--Generate Flash Reset.
-Download for PMCTool (Use Import Option in PMCTool)
-HTT Turbo Scan and Fix
Fix Killer raw files.
Analyzing raw files which have extra bytes.
-HTT Preferences Editor (Beta)
-Extract and Merge Key.bin (with Fix Pref CRC)
-HTT Theme Editor.
-Extract and Merge Theme (hdfbin-1-120000) (No Protection bypassing included)
-Theme Viewer
-Add Resize ,splitters to HTS. (Layout enhancements)
-HPC 3.0
- Open/Add .csv files.
-Verify Duplicate raw buffrs.
- Open/Add .raw files.
-Verify firmwaredatabase signature.
-Live Update for firmwaredatabase.
-Verify Tux/HZU/HTT signature.
-Verify HoT checksum.
-Display HoT About Text.
-Verify Killer MOD 2.
-Verify Files CRC from firmwaredatabase.
- Pack/Unpack.

Special thanks to CR2384, Humax Community Admin, Hyujin, Crazysat.
Thanks to all friends who helped in testing.

with special thanks to the following

Planet Hemp for his original and continued work and without whom
the humax would not be the great receiver it is today.

The rest of the ToH team for their firmware releases and
tools which have allowed this program to become a reality.

Obviously HoT get a very special thankyou as without their
modules this program would serve no purpose.

And of course our thanks go to CrazySat for bringing us the best technical forum for humax users
and big thanks to Humax Community for their Open Source.

Humax Turbo Team


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مغلق و غير مفتوح للمزيد من الردود.