unlock blackberry 8800???free

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      01-11-2007 12:40
    I have seen lots of threads asking how to get BB Maps installed, and I thought I'd offer my assistance to what I did:

    First, perform a backup of your device, then close Desktop Manager.

    Second, install the Blackberry 8800 operating system on your PC. I'm using v4.2.1.74 from T-Mobile on my Cingular branded 8800. It can be downloaded here: T-Mobile 8800

    Next, locate and delete the Vendor.xml file. It will most likely be found at:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

    Next find your LBS.alx file, it should be at:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8800-v4.2.1.74_P2.3.0.54

    مشاهدة المرفق BlackBerry_Zips.ZIP

    Rename the LBS.alx to something like LBS.alx.old. Then place the modified LBS.alx attached here into that folder.

    Now if you want to unlock all vendor themes while you're at it... Find the blackberry.alx in the same folder and rename it to balckberry.alx.old. Now place the modified balckberry.alx attached here into that folder.

    Now startup Desktop Manager and connect your 8800. You should be prompted to upgrade. It will then bring up the App Loader. Go through the list and make sure BB Maps is checked. You can also uncheck any languages you don't use to free up some room on your device also. Finish this process and when it's done, you should have BB Maps v1.1.27 installed on your 8800.

    ****Disclaimer - Use at your own risk. This worked for me on my 8800, but I will not guarantee it will work for you. Do not attempt this if you do not know what you are doing, and do not use these modified .alx files with OS v4.2.1.72
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      14-02-2008 07:04
    please can i use this tutorial for blackberry pearl 8100

    thanks in advance
  3. ibrahim2502

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    ‏8 أوت 2007
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      06-06-2008 10:21
    i have no idea
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