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    ricsson DH368

    Try these Codes on your DH-368 phone:

    1. Power on.
    2. Press 904059 + 'MENU'
    3. 'TEST SET' display ...
    4. Press 'YES' will display @ then press 1 'RCL' will turn light off and you will see 'DONE'
    5. Press 'YES' will display @ then press 86 'RCL' display 'DONE' also you will hear static... You can just enter the channel number (up to 1023) by pressing 'Yes' 3 'CLR' XXXX - channel number to enter a channel directly. You can also see the signal level on channel by pressing 3 'MENU'. You can see the ESN number by pressing 'YES' 1 'RCL' 96 in HEX format.
    6. Press 3 to exit, now you phone will power down and power up again. You can install the phone number into the phone by pressing 923885 + 'MENU'

    Ericsson GF768

    Edit Greetings Tip

    1. Go to the Keylock menu.
    2. Set lock to Auto.
    3. Press YES then hold the left arrow untill the Greetings menu appears.

    GF788 menu in your GF768 phone! (1)

    1. Go to the EDIT MENU and press YES.
    2. Type the number "2" and press YES.
    3. In "NAME" HOLD DOWN the "2" key untill the number "2" apperars. Press YES.
    4. Press YES again (to save any position) then QUICKLY press and hold left arrow (<) untill "SIZE" appears in the display.
    5.Press YES and choose "Full size". You now have the GF788 menu!

    NB. Confirmed working on version 970716 and 980318.

    GF788 menu in your GF768 phone! (2)

    1.Go to MissedCall
    2. Empty the list
    3. Press the -> key for a second or two
    4. The option Menu size turns up
    5. Choose 'yes' and go from there

    NB. Confirmed working on version 990122.

    GF788 menu in your GF768 phone! (3)

    1. Go and set the ring volume and press yes.
    2. When 'STORED' is displayed - keep the right button -> pressed until 'Extended Menu' is displayed.
    3. Select "Activate" the menus and you now have lots of extra features

    NB. Confirmed working on version 980910
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      22-12-2007 03:54
    beau travail mais pourait etre mieux si ca etait en francais ou arabe
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