Futura Platin for Gemini Project 4.00

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    Futura Platin for Gemini Project 4.00


    Here the update for all Gemini E1-Images, compatibly starting from Gemini 4.00!

    The attached file after /tmp copy and in the Blue Panel the Addon manually install!

    Enclosed 2 ski versions, with and without Picon.

    For the correct OSD configuration (with or without Picon) under BluePanel/extras/general ones I two diagrams attached!

    The following information ability to be indicated:

    - Provideranzeige -
    - Announcement camd and/or FreeTV -
    - ECM expert information in the separate window -
    - graphic APPROX. Icons - no
    - normal time (without seconds) -
    - Date - no
    - Provider Icons -
    - Signal (AGC, SNR) -
    - BER - no
    - Streamdaten (dissolution) - no
    - Off-lines/on-line status -

    have A fun

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