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9 أوت 2007
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SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition For Vuo+Solo

Enigma 2 Version: gecko-git20110603-r33
2011-04-17 skaman <[email protected]>
* Increased video wizard timeout from 20 to 30 seconds
2011-04-12 skaman <[email protected]>
* Test for fix recording on azbox
2011-04-11 skaman <[email protected]>
* Fixed demux start pid on azbox
2011-04-09 skaman <[email protected]>
* Fixed broken support in videomode for not azbox stb
2011-04-02 skaman <[email protected]>
* From azbox-enigma2-project r40: Add missing variable in accel.h header file
* From azbox-enigma2-project r39: Fix detection of the AC3 pid on some
NorthAmerica channels, thx to everyone who tested
* From azbox-enigma2-project r36: Removed #define
* From azbox-enigma2-project r35: Added New Sigma BLIT function
* From azbox-enigma2-project r32: Fix Radio Mode for Sigma CPU, sharing Video
Decoder/STC clock now okey
* From azbox-enigma2-project r31: add prebuffering and some other changes
* From azbox-enigma2-project r29: AC3+ detection added
* From azbox-enigma2-project r28: Added few more AC3 stream type values for
detection ...
* From azbox-enigma2-project r27: Start PCR pid even if it's
timeshift/playing TS stream from file (PCR pid needed for Sigma to start
automatically play/STC clocks).
* From azbox-enigma2-project r26: Fix DMX_ADD_PID ioctl, now it's working for
Sigma DVB driver
* From azbox-enigma2-project r25: Added Ultra Model detection
* From azbox-enigma2-project r24: Added Azbox receivers enums
* From azbox-enigma2-project r23: Added Azbox box detection and demux device
* From azbox-enigma2-project r22: Added tuner selection for Elite/Premium
* From azbox-enigma2-project r20: fix in dvbtime
* From azbox-enigma2-project r19: Setting DEMUX source on Audio/Video "fd"
after open (it's not default mode on open in Sigma driver)
* From azbox-enigma2-project r18: Changes in eTSMPEGDecoder::showSinglePic
for Sigma
2011-03-27 Bobsilvio <[email protected]>
* Fixed problem (first reboot) wlan with rt3070 and rt2870
Enigma2 plugins:
No Changes
2011-04-19 skaman <[email protected]>
* Increased task-boot PR
* Fixed bad modules dependency in et5000 machine
2011-04-18 skaman <[email protected]>
* Added et5000
* Updated azbox bootup script
* Updated azbox kernel to 20110418
* Added module scsi_wait_scan as azbox essential depend
2011-04-17 skaman <[email protected]>
* Updated azbox driver to 20110418
* Fixed again azbox kernel name and updated kernel and drivers
* increased SRCREV
* Restored underscore in kernel name and changed workaround (thanks to
2011-04-16 skaman <[email protected]>
* Increased the right initscript PR!!
* Changed azbox kernel version from the_ripper to the-ripper (thanks to
* Fixed azbox-build-e2 util (always thanks to the author dr_gogeta86)
* Fixed broken azbox inittab
2011-04-13 skaman <[email protected]>
* updated SRCREV
* updated SRCREV
* updated SRCREV
* Updated azbox drivers to 20110407
* Added e2_packer for azbox (thanks to dr_gogeta86)
* Fixed reboot on azbox
2011-04-12 skaman <[email protected]>
* Updated ccid to 1.4.3 and pcsc-lite to 1.7.2
* updated SRCREV
2011-04-11 skaman <[email protected]>
* updated SRCREV
* updated SRCREV
* Updated rt3070 driver (thanks to dr_gogeta86)
2011-04-09 skaman <[email protected]>
* Updated et9000 drivers to 2011009
* update SRCREV
* Fixed not applied patches in et9000 kernel (thanks to biondo79)
2011-04-07 skaman <[email protected]>
* Added cdfs to et9000 kernel
* Added newline at end of file to et9000 bootup
2011-04-02 skaman <[email protected]>
* Enabled crypto modules in azbox kernel
* updated SRCREV
* Reverted busybox defconfig
2011-04-01 skaman <[email protected]>
* Temporary removed r8712 rt73 and zd1211b drivers from azbox
* Added wifi as machine feature in azbox
* Upgraded azbox modules to 20110331
* Increased PR in wlan task
* Added azbox in wlan task (thanks to dr_gogeta86)
* Fixed azbox modules install path
* Added missing defines in dmx.h header (thanks to tideglo)
* Removed fuse-module depency on azbox for upnp
2011-03-31 skaman <[email protected]>
* Updated busybox defconfig (thanks to dr_gogeta86)
* Removed old comments fro
* Upgraded gst-plugin-dvbmediasink sources for azbox
* Added necessary patch to linux dvb headers on azbox
2011-03-30 skaman <[email protected]>
* Upgraded azbox kernel to 2.6.29 and driver to release 20110330
2011-03-30 Bobsilvio <[email protected]>

* Fixed errated checksum for skins dmconcinnity
2011-03-29 Bobsilvio <[email protected]>
* Added new skin enigma2-skins-dmconcinnity-hd-trasnparent (margy82 mod)
2011-03-27 Bobsilvio <[email protected]>
* Update Usbloader for new dictionary
* Added more vid/pid and convert ra in wlan (thanks bigroma)
No Changes
No Changes
No Changes
2011-04-13 skaman <[email protected]>
* Increased row buffer size
* Small fix in csv parser Resaved dicionary.csv
* Test to fix dictionary end lines
2011-04-11 skaman <[email protected]>
* Updated rt3070sta wireless devices
2011-03-27 Bobsilvio <[email protected]>
* Added Vid/Pid, driver rt2870sta and rt3070sta



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19 ماي 2006
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SifTeam Enigma2 Koala for Vu+ Solo - 24-06-2012

-vuplus-dvb-modules: downgrade to 20120126
- bug fix



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14 أكتوبر 2007
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