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      25-01-2008 22:48
    كود (text):
    App for XP and Vista by larlol
    DreamStreamer is an application used to show and record streams from the Dreambox.
    I did this program to be able to do good recordings from my DM500.
    It is tested with DM500/DM7000/DM7200 on XP and Vista.
    It is based on VLC activeX control.
    [COLOR=green][B]New in version 1.54 [/B][/COLOR]
    [B][COLOR=green]Fix for audio track Canal + Comedy when timeshifting or recording. [/COLOR][/B]
    1. Install VLC. (Version >= 0.8.6b)
    Download VLC from this site: [URL="http://www.videolan.org/"][COLOR=#1959a0]http://www.videolan.org/[/COLOR][/URL] Install VLC according to standard-settings
    for path and others (default).
    2. DM 500 issues.
    To get a good streaming from DM 500 you must do this:
    Use Gemini 3.4 MAX VAR (don't use any other).
    Check "Use modified driver" in the setup dialog. (snakehand modified driver)
    Set Delay stream start >= 6000 in the setup dialog.
    3. Install DreamStreamer.
    Install DreamStreamer by running DreamStreamer Setup.exe
    4. Start DreamStreamer.
    The first time you start the program a pop-up prompting you for the IP-address,
    user name and password to the dreambox.
    Check use modified driver if you are connecting to a DM500. You also have to fill
    in the path where you want to store recorded program. (Mount directory)
    5. Add support for EPG.
    Right click the mouse and select
    ”Setup EPG” Check/select providers, channels, number of days.
    Click "Grab EPG" and when finished you can quit EPG Getter.
    In the future you don't have to grab epg manually,
    this will be handled automatically every day the first time you start DreamStreamer.
    The following keyboard commands exist:
    (keys are the default keys, could be change with Setup - key mapping)
    F1 Help
    F9 Show/hide menus
    Esc Hide menus
    F4 Show popup menu channel list
    F5 Show popup menu for item in the info bar
    Arrow keys
    left/right/up/down Navigate
    Arrow keys left right Volume up down (if no menu is showed)
    Arrow keys up down Step one minute forward or backward in a file (time
    shift and movie mode)
    + - Step 10 seconds forward or backward in a file (time shift and movie mode)
    + - Step 30 minutes forward or backward in the EPG data start time.
    The Background is green when it is on actual time, red otherwise.
    Page Up/Down
    Home /End Navigate up/down in the left menu (channel list)
    Enter Play selected menu item
    B Show defined bouquets /favorite lists
    H Show history
    F11 Toggle full screen
    F12 Hide application
    M Toggle mute
    R Start / stop recording
    T Start / stop Timeshifting
    Q Close the application
    F7 Toggle subtitle on/off
    Hot key Every key not used in the key-mapping dialog can be used as a hot Key.
    Just select a channel in the channel list and hold down the Control key
    and press the key to use.
    To remove a hot key, hold down the Alt key and press the hot key.

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      26-01-2008 00:08
    بصراحة نسخة جديدة روعة أحسن بكثير من السابقة

    خاصة أمكانية تحميل EPG القنوات عبر الأنترنات
    و أستعمال الكي بورد لتغيير القنواة و المزيد بكل سرعة

    ما يسهل أستعماله

    مشكوور أخي
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    ‏3 ديسمبر 2009
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      23-12-2011 15:07
    Dreambox VLC Streamer v1.2
    Added possibility to remove "PCRPID" from video streaming URL (E1) (Advanced feature, normally not needed)
    Added possibility to send "Kill Streaming process" on DB when Channel change. (E1) (Advanced feature, normally not needed)
    Added "Caching" when streaming.. =) Set value in millisecond in Transcoding tab. (Default 1200 ms)

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    ‏25 أوت 2008
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      23-12-2011 15:29
    تمّ رفع الملف على سيرفر المنتدى
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      26-01-2013 17:28
    ممكن شرح مبسط من فضلكم
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    ‏11 جانفي 2013
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      03-03-2013 22:34
    شكرا اخي, لم يشتغل على 7 windows بالنواة 64 وكدلك الاصدارات السابقة لم تعمل معي.ممكن اخي اصدار يعمل على هده النواة 64.
  7. noriislam

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      16-03-2013 10:55
    هل يمكن التسجبل على الكمبيوتربواسطة Dreambox VLC Streamer v1.2 و النظام هو seven 32 b

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