Norio N328 N95

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    Norio N328 N95
    nokia N95



    ياجماعه انا المعلومات ديه حصلت عليها بعد ترجمه موقع صيني لوحد عنده اي اضافات اوعيوب ياريت يقولها

    بس علي فكره هو مفيهوش اسكرين تاتش

    Concerned about language support functions] [Simplified Chinese, English, a large quantity of other countries may or phrase

    [Parameters] 2.6-inch screen TFT26 million color; resolution: 240 × 320px

    [72] polyphonic ringtones; support format: mp3, mp4, midi, wav, amr

    [Music player - mp3 players and the background to support the equalizer. Super two speakers

    [3] video playback GP, MP4, support full-screen playback, and support for suspend / fast-forward and slow down

    [Cameras] 1.3 million pixels; only a maximum output size of 1280 * 960 images, audio video support, depending on the duration of the memory and

    [Memory size: 1016 K / M TF 512 random gift card, the maximum G 2 Extended Memory support, support expansion

    USB data transfer] [/ U-disk / Bluetooth music player / Bluetooth file transfer / Bluetooth voice

    [Image Format: JPG, GIF

    Contacts fuselage basic functions [300] of this group card phone

    [SMS / MMS - 200 SMS / MMS messages support

    [Switch] support for Custom switch machines can be set to switch download MP4-animation

    [Support] MP3 alarm clock can be set to download MP3 ringtones闹

    [2] built-in games

    Other features] [MP3 function, MP4 functions, hands-free calling, SMS repeated, sound recording function, WAP function, handwritten input, handwriting + keyboard input, Bluetooth, GPRS downloads, MMS MMS, memory expansion, dual-card question, Two-way call recording, IP dial, calculators, health management ......

    [applicable] GSM network

    [Applicable] 900/1800 MHz frequency

    [120-240 minutes talk time:

    [150-200 hours of standby time --

    [Time-to-market - 2007.04

    [Appearance] + handwritten keyboard

    [Size: 97 * 52 * 20

    [Weight: 89 G

    [Optional colors - black silver​
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