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    هاذ البرناج يعتبر تحديث لبرنامج DreamBoxEdit

    كود (text):
    openDBedit Version Info
    New in 3.0.0
    - I will continue the development of DreamBoxEdit where LlamaWare left off..
      Thanks for the Source Code.. Old Source Copyright 2003-2007 LlamaWare
    - Changed the name to OpenDBedit to reflect the changeover in developers
    - Updated Telnet Command Prompt when you click on Version 3 settings
    - Updated Graphics - Thanks to xaminator!
    - Able to edit TID & NID in the details screen without changing every channel on that TP
    - Added DishPro conversion. It will change displayed services to DishPro format.
    - Added Legacy conversion. It will change the displayed services to Legacy format.
    - Changed Services Import and Export to semicolon delimited file instead of TAB delimited.
      It will actually properly modify services on import, not just add new services
    - Clicking on the openDBedit graphic on the main screen will let you check for updates,
      go to the openDBedit thread on DBFN or read the Version notes (what your reading now)

    Tips and known issues with the 7025:
    - In DreamBoxEdit you must specify the correct paths on the 7025.
      You can do this very easy with the "Defaults for 7025" button on the options panel.
    - You have to enable "Multibouquet" on the 7025 in order to be able to see your bouquets
    - The DreamBoxEdit ZAP command fails because the 7025 webinterface does not yet exists

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    شكرا وبارك الله فيك
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