Ziphone 3.0 : spciale pour la version 1.1.4

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  1. winzou

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    ‏8 فيفري 2007
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      03-03-2008 22:45
    La version de ZiPhone 3.0 est spécialement conçue pour le firmware 1.1.4 qui vient de sortir


    Cette version est disponible pour les deux plateformes PC et MAC.

    Pour ceux qui seraient tenter de passer en 1.1.4, il est conseillé de faire une restauration plutôt quinte mise à jour, histoire de supprimer les traces de l'application Installer.

    Après cette restauration il vous est possible de d'utiliser le bouton sur l'interface graphique (GUI) qui vous permet d'obtenir un iPhone activé, jailbreaké et désimlocké.

    Sinon vous avez encore la méthode invite de commande et là vous avez juste à taper "ziphone -Z Y"

    Téléchargement Pour Pc


    Téléchargement pour Mac


    Pour connaitre la procédure a faire: veuillez lire ce sujet

    7 شخص معجب بهذا.
  2. Phonix_Gsm

    Phonix_Gsm عضو

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    ‏22 فيفري 2008
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      04-03-2008 00:51
    Très très bonne nouvelle
    je vais m'encourager et passer mon IPhone en 1.1.4 cette fois

    Je vous posterai mes résultats inchallah
  3. kerki

    kerki عضو جديد

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    ‏29 أوت 2008
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      05-09-2008 19:06
    Salut tout le monde , est ce qu'il y a la possibilité pour débloquer le Iphone G3? Merci d'avance !!
  4. winzou

    winzou صديق المنتدى

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    ‏8 فيفري 2007
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      06-09-2008 01:20

    N'essaye même pas avec Ziphone pour les IPhone 3G, sinon t'aura un IPhone freezer
  5. moujib

    moujib كبار الشخصيات

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    ‏11 جانفي 2006
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      11-09-2008 21:00
    non aucune et n'essai pas de le debloquer
  6. MasterMehdi

    MasterMehdi عضو مميز

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    ‏29 فيفري 2008
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      09-10-2008 10:01
    Est ce que ca marche avec Firmware 2.1 ?l est c'est quoi la differance entre Zipphone 3.0 et quickpown ???l
  7. mrdown

    mrdown نجم المنتدى

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    ‏23 ديسمبر 2007
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      30-11-2008 13:47
    Je voulais juste vous informer que ZiPhone est un peut risqué si on croit bigboss (l'un des plus connus dans le monde de l'iPhone)

    Voici un article qui explique tout

    “But Ziphone works fine for me? Why should I avoid it?”

    I hear this all the time. It’s simple. Ziphone does permanent changes to your phone. Zibri is a terrible coder that stole most the exploits for ZiPhone and did not create them. Zibri admits that he cannot code. Ziphone does work most of the time. But when it does not work, you are most likely left with an unfixable brick. Other jailbreak software such as iLiberty+, Pwnage, will not leave you with a brick. Everything they do can be reverted safely. This means if they fail on you, you just restore and try again. No harm done.

    With ziphone, your damage is permanent. It’s a crap shoot. It may work 9 times out of 10, but on that 10th time that it fails out, you can expect to be purchasing a new iPhone. Sounds great right? Indeed, this is so common that the term “ziphoned” actually has meaning (a bricked phone caused by ZiPhone). Check out the google search on the term and see the problems for yourself.

    If you have used Ziphone and your phone is currently working, you do not need to do anything. Just don’t use it again. The next time could be fatal. You’ve been warned!


    Could you please elaborate on the permanent changes caused by Ziphone?
    All unlocking/jailbreaking methods modify the phone in some way, at least they patch baseband, and pwnage patches bootloader.
    I know that Ziphone downgrades the 4.6 bootloader to 3.9 (which has been thought to be permanent until pwnage came out), but so does iLiberty+, iDemocracy and any other unlock method that is not based on pwnage


    First off, iLiberty+ does not downgrade your bootloader by default. It downgrades you to 3.9 fakeblank which is easily reversible and not dangerous. This is not the same thing as 3.9 used by Ziphone! Ziphone downgrades the bootloader to 3.9 automatically. If this process fails, you’re done. This process considered so risky that Apple does not do any bootloader upgrades in their firmware packages! They could have put a stop to all the unlocks when 1.1.2 came out by having the 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 firmware upgrade upgrade old bootloaders to 4.6 but they considered this too risky and did not do it! Ziphone does it anyway.

    Zibri has had so many releases that fix “type-o’s”. That’s just silly. The code is so sloppy and buggy. Some versions will unlock even when you did not ask it to resulting in a downgraded bootloader just on a request to jailbreak! Neat

    Ziphone is also very dangerous because it does all the flashing (most risky part) during the first phase of the ram disk. During this phase, allocating too much memory can result in ram disk corruption. This is very bad. You want to minimize the amount of memory used as much as possible and you only care about stability. Ziphone doesn’t worry about this. Due to the technique used to boot the ramdisk, the memory is easily corrupted if you try to allocate too much of it. The result is that you are corrupting the very data that you are flashing!

    iLiberty+, iPlus both use a smaller ram disk to flash. This minimizes the amount of memory used and takes great care to prevent memory allocations from corrupting the ram disk. Then these tools come back on a second pass to install payloads. This is done after the flashing is done where there is no risk.

    As a result, several ziphone users have reported problems with no edge, no wifi, no bluetooth or a combination of the 3. In many cases this is unfixable. Zibri has added a wifi “fix” to his app which works sometimes, but this programs a bogus network address that is the same on every phone.

    Source: BigBoss
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