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19 ماي 2006
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VTi image V9.0.2-19.01.2016

update 21.01.2016

[CENTER]Please check tuner configuration when tuners are in loop through mode.
It is not allowed to loop through a tuner multiple times

19.01.2016 - Software Update VTi 9.0.2
- increase image version: VTi 9.0.2
- update drivers (2016-01-19) (solo4k)

    support Chromium OS
    fix DiSEqC problem
    improve power consumption
    fix misc.

- add Chromium OS to image (including YouTube TV) (solo4k)
- update dvbapp2 (2016-01-17)

    keep compatibility for extra headers in stream urls
    MovieList: improve handling when leaving movie
    MovieList: add option to hide entries
    when start dir is set to all or new movies
    Timeshift: add separate menu: Menu>VTi>Setup - Timeshift
    Timeshift: map button STOP to live TV (timeshift recording is still in progress)
    Timeshift: map button STOP LONG to stop timeshift
    Timeshift: add function to transform timeshift to regular recording (Please note: short outage in TS file at transforming timestamp)
    Common: add global option for dvbapp2 debug output
    Menu>VTi>Setup - System
    Common: support EPG and picons for 4097 services (e.g IP>TV)
    Common: support recording of 4097 services (e.g IP>TV) -> THX @betacentauri
    Common: fix handling of http timeout at streams
    Common: fix button EXIT when infobar animation is enabled
    EPG: add option to blacklist services for DVB EPG (EIT) updates
    EPG: support for adding extra data to EPG events

- add plugin epgshare THX @einfall (ver. 0.01 20160117)
- add plugin tinyfoscamviewer (ver. 1.0)
- readd plugin mediatombplugin (ver. 1.0-r5)
- update plugin autoframerate

    fix switching to 24p mode

- update plugin camofs (ver. 10.01)
- update plugin devicemanager2 (ver. 1.7)

    fix partitioning for some devices

- update plugin graphicalmultiepg

    support button mappings
    support custom picon folder

- update plugin infobartunerstate (ver. 3.0.1 20160108)
- update plugin lcd4linux (ver. 4.7.-r2)
- update plugin multiquickbutton (ver. 2.7.14-r6)
- update plugin openwebif

    switch to standby when transcoding starts (solo4k)

- update plugin picturecenterfs (ver. 7.03)
- update plugin seriesplugin (ver. 4.5.0 20151221)
- update plugin webradiofs (ver. 13.57)
- update skin atile (ver. 4.2-r0)
- update skin mutespectator (ver. 2.8)
- update skin stylefhd (ver. 2016-01-11)
- update opera hbbtv (2015-12-22) (ultimo,uno,duo,solo,zero,duo2,solo2,solose)
- update transtreamproxy</itemtext>

    support infobartunerstate plugin

- update vtipanel (ver. 3.36)</itemtext>

    add favourites list loader (see forum for howto)
    Menu>Setup>Service Searching

- add package jpegtran-cffi
- remove xbmc from image (solo4k,duo2,solo2,solose)


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19 ماي 2006
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VTi image V9.0.3-16.05.2016

16.05.2016 - Software Update

- increase image version: VTi 9.0.3
- update drivers (2016-05-16) (solo4k)

    support FCC (Fast Channel Change)
    support SD/HD transcoding in live TV mode ** Restriction : No Pip/MiniTV, Slow LCD Drawing
    fix pluggable dual DVB-S2 problem when both A/B tuners are in use
    Improve HDR
    add proc entry to support some unicable equipments (needs a Solo4k Misc. plugin)
    add proc encry for DVB-CI timing control (needs a Solo4k Misc. plugin)
    fix misc. bugs

- update dvbapp2 (2016-05-16)

    [Common] support FastChannelChange - THX @vu+ Please disable dvbapp2 console logging when FCC is in use(solo4k)
    [Common] fix 0 byte recording issue in linked tuner - THX @vu+
    [Common] save cached configuration before dvbapp2 crash based GUI restart
    [Common] gracefull shutdown of dvbapp2 at changing run levels
    [Common] simplify unicable configuration with suggestions
    [Common] improve media scanner behaviour recognize also IPK files
    [Common] rework Audio/Subtitles screen
    [Common] add option to change services with CHANNEL +/- buttons
    [Common] rework startwizard
    [Common] add option to enable/disable crash screen - disabled by default
    [MovieList] change modification time of files when removing to trash
    [Timeshift] fix black screen bug for service change at same transponder
    [Timeshift] change some default configuration values
    [Timeshift] allow deleting files older than 6 hours
    [IPKG] use software manager for installing packages
    [IPKG] log errors and use EPG button to show collected errors after software installation
    [Subtitles] use Vu+ changes for setup subtitles style

- update busybox</itemtext>

    fix udhcp for some vlans

- update youtubetv/chromium (ver. 2016-05-16) (solo4k)
- update vtipanel (ver. 3.41)

    [Common] change reboot behaviour after upgrade
    [VTiZerO] fix removal of xbmc

- add kodi to download feed (ver. 16.1) (solo2, duo2, solose, solo4k)
- update plugin camofs (ver. 11.64)
- update plugin enhancedmoviecenter (git 20160510)
- update plugin fritzcall (rev. 1299)
- update plugin multiquickbutton (ver. 2.7.15)

    add function to enable/disable every button
    PLEASE check your configuration after update

- update plugin openwebif (ver. 0.4.7 20160509)

    fix rare crashes with mediaportal plugin

- update plugin seriesplugin (git 20160409)
- update plugin tectimetv (ver. 3.0)
- update plugin webradiofs (ver. 14.45)
- update plugin yamp (ver. 3.1.1 2016-05-09)
- update skin atile (ver. 4.4-r0)
- update skin cerxfhd (ver. 20160403)
- update skin kerni-hd1r3 (ver. 20160221)
- update skin mutespectator (ver. 3.1)
- update skin stylefhd (ver. 2016-03-24)


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19 ماي 2006
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VTi image V11.0.0-29.11.2016

New VTi - Vu+ Team Image - VTi 11.0.x

From VTi Team
VTi Panel (Blue Button)

Supported languages:
English, German, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Danish, Polish,
Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Arabic, French, Swedish,
Portuguese (Portugal), Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian

With modular, flexible VTi skins
VTi Bootlogos and Radiomode Logo.
Short press on blue button opens VTi Panel, long press opens Pluginmenu
Support for FTDI chipset cardreader like smargo and easymouse2
Running Softcam shown in the Infobar
MovieList with extended functions
Support for full image backup and restore (not Vu+ Solo 4K / Uno 4K)
Supports VTi image flash online (not Vu+ Solo 4K / Uno 4K)
Restore Plugins, Bouquets, Settings, etc. during installation
Remove preinstalled packages during installation (VTi Zero)

Basic image information
Build tree: openvuplus-3.0 (more)
Kernel: 3.14.28 (Solo 4K, Uno 4K, Ultimo 4K)
Kernel: 3.13.5 (Solo², Duo², Solo SE, Zero)
Kernel: 3.9.6 (Duo, Solo, Uno, Ultimo)
Gstreamer: 1.6.4
HbbTV-Browser: Opera (Solo², Duo², Solo SE, Zero)
HbbTV-Browser: WebKit (Solo 4K, Uno 4K, Ultimo 4K)


- default skin: VuHD1080p (Solo 4K, Uno 4K, Ultimo 4K, Duo2, Solo2, Solo SE, Zero, Ultimo)
- default skin: MuteSpectator (Duo, Solo, Uno)
- Update OpenWebinterface -> ver. 1.x
- Switch from libav to ffmpeg

- Update dvbapp2
[*][CENTER]optimize showing available tuners (see: VuHD1080p skin)[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]CI improvements (e.g. scrambled DVB-S2 / DVB-T2 with H.265 codec)[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]display tuner name during tuner setup[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]show correct color button function in InfoBar (see: VuHD1080p skin)[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]display skin errors[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]support horizontal listboxes (THX @hmmmdada)[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]support eWall (THX @hmmmdada)[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]alternative service list (horizontal)[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]MediaPlayer: Skip to files with SMS-type input[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]SleepTimer: allow standby also when screens are opened[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]support power schedules[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]new EPG matrix mode (press help to see functions)[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]support automatic audio-/subtitle-track selection[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]support Autotimer in all preinstalled EPG views[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]show Choicelist with button "OK" for setup selections in setup screens[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]support HbbTV fpr remote channels[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]show search key at SMS-type input in service list (see: VuHD1080p skin)[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]map CH+/CH- button for page up / page down in setup screens[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]map button cross down to list old timeshift files[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]support autofs for network shares[/CENTER]
[*][CENTER]support extplayer (serviceapp plugin by mx3l)[/CENTER]

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19 ماي 2006
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VTi image V11.0.1-23.12.2016

23.12.2016 - Software Update

- increase image version: VTi 11.0.1
- update driver 20161223 (solo4k, uno4k, ultimo4k)
fix motorized dish (ultimo4k, uno4k)
fix PES filter
fix FastForward
fix DTS media playback problem
support 2160p24, 2160p25, 2160p30 video mode
support DTS-HD MA Passthrough (needs modified gstreamer)
fix Refresh rate
fix misc and add more video codecs

- update dvbapp2 20161223
[MovieList] improve grouping movies
fix misc. bugs

- update plugin videomode autoframerate
[INFO] autoframerate is not needed anymore for uno4k, ultimo4k, solo4k
driver supports now frame rate swapping
choose frame rate multi or multi (50/60/24p)

- update plugin autoresolution

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