SatTV v1.1 for DM500

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    Sattv-forum image 1.1 info


    Technical Infos:
    CVS Version: 06.03 2008
    Linux kernel version: 2.6.9
    GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
    Web Inteface Standard
    Busybox 1.01

    BLUE - STF Panel (Emu Addons)
    1 sec BLUE - ECM Info
    YELLOW - plugins
    1 sec Yellow - Gbox Center,CCcam info,Mgcamd Info
    RED - EPG
    GREEN - subservices

    SFT Panel Info:
    Start/Stop Emu
    Sattv-forum news
    Sys Info
    Settings - Inadyn....

    Addons info:
    Download Addons - Emus,keys,Plugins,Setting....
    Manual Install Addons tar.bz2
    Delite Addons

    IPBox 200S
    Last Kernel: 2.6.17 (Thanks to Sandali)
    U-Boot: 1.2.0 (Thanks to Sandali)
    Auto mID

    CVS New:
    html fixes by alphons
    Add support for permanent timeshift

    Add and Fix:
    Add disable service update (backround scan) BULE PANEL>SETTINGS enable disable option!!
    Fix display on dm7000 now showing channel name!
    Fix bug on defult skin
    Add new skin EnigmaX is now standard skin on sattv-forum image
    Small chage in blue panel
    Chage transparencly setting in osd_setting
    Now show emu in use on osd info
    Change audio button on IPbox200s to change audio press RCL button
    Timeshift funktion works only on dm7000 to akctivate press audio button!!
    Some small changes on IPBox200s
    Stream form pc to box works great

    ----------------------------------------------------------- 500/+/Images/


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