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الموضوع في 'أجهزة Cristor & Illusion' بواسطة Tunisia-Sat, بتاريخ ‏29 أفريل 2008.

  1. Tunisia-Sat

    Tunisia-Sat عضو فعال

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    ‏11 أفريل 2006
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      29-04-2008 09:19

    cristor team c'est un meuilleur equipe il travail sur les nouveautés sans les chaines interdites au contraire des autres team (moresat)

    et voila le commentaire de le leader de ce team (kyng team)

    excuse moi le commentaire en englais mais il resume ce que j'ai dit

    A lot of people were asking if KYNG supports Irdeto 2 or not. And a lot of them didn't believe us when we answered and said that KYNG fully supports the Irdeto 2 system.
    Unfortunately, the only irdeto 2 keys available at the moment are keys for exclusive Adult Content channels and you know our policy for this.
    So what we did, is simplified and put some legends in the key editor and especially for the irdeto part. We will put a tutorial and hope that some keys for non-adult channels will be out to give you a live example. We are trying hard to give you the most complete solutions for you to use freely, without ignoring our own policy. So please keep that in mind and be wise and fair enough to understand it and accept it. Have fun. Thanks.

  2. chr277158

    chr277158 عضو مميز

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    ‏14 جانفي 2006
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      29-04-2008 12:53
    معقول نحن بحاجة لمثل هذه العقلية
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