SOLO sim2 vU+ solo:Black Hole 2.0.5 -ramiMAHER


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25 نوفمبر 2009
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Black Hole 2.0.5 -ramiMAHER

sim2 vU+ solo
هذه الصوره vu+solo المقلد sim2

"The Black Hole is expanding in our galaxy.
We need more space..."

Starting from this version, the Black Hole image will fully support an internal hdd larger than 2 TB.
The new initialise function will partition your hdd with optimal alignment and will format it in the linux ext4 filesystem, which will give the best performance.

Warning: Duo2 requires a Cfe upgrade to V2 before you flash this image.

Main changes:

New Support hdd larger than 2TB
New Subtitle customisation
Ttx subtitle font size
subtitle delay when timing lags
subtitle delay when timing is bad
yellow Dvb subtitles
centered Dvb subtitles
Dvb subtitles black transparency
New support for coldboot "Wake on Lan" (Duo2)
New firmware upgrade option for Vfd controller and Front Processor (Duo2)
New hotkey for Subtitle window: (2x Yellow button)

Vu+ Drivers updates (duo2):

Fix WOL problem
Add proc entry for WOL
Fix loop-through problem when 2 dual tuners are installed
Improve VFD controller update(VFD controller update will resolve remote control sensitivity issue)
Fix Play/Pause key problem
Support FP update
Support VFD controller update
Fix recording problem
Fix no audio in radio channels


Add Tools/Alternatives
Add WOLSetup (WakeOnLan) plugin (Duo2)
Add parted tool to partion and format internal Hdd
Switch to parted and ext4 in hdd inizailise function
Change module description from RT2870 to RT3070/3370/5370/5372 and fixed module installation in the correct place
Add patches for RT3070 ralink driver
Fix rt5572 driver
Add some devices not yet included into rt5572 supports
Add web-manual Duo2
[HbbTV] fix rtl auth problem
Add fuse-module and fuse-utils for ntfs-3g
[Kernel] Solo2 & Duo2: Add Nls modules for other charsets
[Kernel] Fix flash_erase option on postinst
[Dvbmediasink] Fix switching between aac and other codecs
[Gst-plugins-bad] Update SRCREV & patches
Add checkvfd package
Added new driver mt7610u (802.11a/b/g/n/ac support)
Update languages cs, da, fr, sk, sv.


Black Hole 2.0.5 -ramiMAHER