DUO Persian Empire Rc7.r166-VuDuO_Backup_Memorist_06.01.2014


عضو مميز بمنتدى أجهزة الفائقة الجودة
25 نوفمبر 2009
مستوى التفاعل
Persian Empire Rc7.r166-VuDuO_Backup_Memorist_06.01.2014

Kanal Setting: 42E_46E_39_28.2_23.5_19.2E_16E_13E_9E_7E_4.8E_7W_3 W_1W+İPTV galaxy2002

Zaman dilimi İstanbuL

BootLogo Orjinal Skins . has changed

Startup serivice TRT HD

(DNS)1) 8888
(DNS)2) 8844

Picon was loaded with the external Flash memory Nedim show you can use in your memory.

EMI: Updated constant.cw.

EMI Glass

Btkcam 90
glass 2.3.0
Mgcamd 1.38c
Oscamymod 18:50

Plugins installed pligins is required from a lot of unnecessary PE Speed ​​UP, you can delete from

If you're sharing ETC camcfg stable under Backup your files if you are using oscamymod / etc / tuxbox / config / oscam server file send and do a chmod 755

The image quality is not satisfactory to me as if the whole image Find other images, such as the mix of rope arrows MMS Multiboot stable than glass tv series Let There Be What I suggest testing it.

Persian Empire Rc7.r166-VuDuO_Backup USB