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    ‏7 فيفري 2008
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      07-07-2008 13:44
    Nouvelle image pour DM800HD.LT the Fifth voila le lien:

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  2. zach

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    ‏7 فيفري 2008
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      07-07-2008 18:16
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    ‏20 أوت 2007
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      07-07-2008 18:45
    LT - The fifth Campaign
    For DM7025/DM800HD PVR

    As many has wonder where the next image from LT is and when will the dm800 be supported.
    It took some longer time than we thought but we did not see any reason why stress out a
    poor image so we kept working hard instead.

    We have noticed that the PiG renderer on the DM800 is somewhat slow. A workaround is to use the normal 16:9 skin-version. It will hopefully be fixed in future release.

    Enigma2 CVS 20080618
    Drivers dm800 20080618
    Drivers dm7025 20080603

    We have worked the last three/four months on this changes:


    * Spinner-Selector
    * AudioSync
    * LT-Menu title-translations
    * InfoBar positioner
    * Crypt Info - Converter (extracted from LTInfoBarGenerics)
    * Expert Tuner Info - Renderer (extracted from LTInfoBarGenerics)
    * Start IMDb plugin after pressing INFO button in LTEventView
    * Added QuickMenu option to long-holding-green-button
    * Stream2Dream v2.5 (with Internet-TV,,,, and support)
    * Virtual-Keyboard (configurable in MC / Usage: Use InputBox or Keyboard)
    * Calendar
    * Calendar-Converter (will show you in the InfoBar if there is a today-event)
    * New configuration: show Calendar-event in InfoBar (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: rewrite keymap.xml on bootup (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show expert tuner info in InfoBar (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show orbital info in InfoBar (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show provider info in InfoBar (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show orbital info in InfoBar (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show expert emu info in InfoBar (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show ECM/EMM labels in InfoBar (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show CaID info in InfoBar (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show decoding type in InfoBar (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show emu name (Yes / No)
    * New configuration: Show emu source (Yes / No)
    * Lower USB slot is mounted at boot to be used with the image.
    * LT EPG Grabber in LT Extra menu


    * LinkManager uses /media/cf/ltlinks.cfg or /media/usb/ltlinks.cfg if present
    * SwapManager - allow user to create a swap-file on /media/mbX and /media/mb
    * LT-Menu MultiLanguage uses po/mo style
    * AddonManager: Support for multi-architecture download files
    * Added HDD info in movieselection screen
    * New split-screen Info-Panel with UDP-Listener and remote-CCcam infos
    * Removed old LTNavMenu and LTMenu to use the newer dynamic CVS-Menus
    * Removed Quick-Button option. Not needed any more since we have the more powerful Quick-Menu
    * Only show PiP functions in Extensions-Menu when the box has more then one video-decoder
    * FIX: Bouquet switch with Bouquet-buttons +/- in LT-EPG

    MediaCenter changes:

    * Allow user to start IMDb in MC-Recordings
    * Allow user to start LT HDD Info in MC-Recordings
    * Added possibility to sort the recordings-list by name, date, length and description
    * Allow user to add directories and sub-directories to the playlist
    * Added Shuffle-Playlist function
    * InternetTV (needs Stream2Dream v2.5)
    * New config for GoogleVideo: Select location - all existing
    * Added support for,,, and and many many more (needs Stream2Dream v2.5)
    * StreamPlayer/StreamClient: Abort if no connection could be made to host
    * Seek-functions in MP3-Player screen (red and blue buttons)
    * Added possibility to sort the recordings-list ascending or descending
    * Added support for Folder.jpg and Cover.jpg in MP3-Player and Screen-Saver (Picture will be resized to 225x225)
    * Added Screen-Saver function to SHOUTcaster
    * New configuration for MC/Picture-Player (Scaling Mode: Simple / Better)
    * New configuration for MC/Picture-Player (Zoom to full-screen: Yes / No => No will only work with *.jpg and *.png)
    * Added Play/Pause functions in Slide-Show (MC / Picture-Player)
    * Added Favorites-Functions to VideoGoogle and Internet-TV in Stream-Player
    * Changed the Search-Function on the new Video-Google-site
    * Added new option in MC / Stream-Player: Recent VideoGoogle searches
    * Allow user to start a Slide-Show from the Play-List
    * New configuration in MC / Picture-Player (Show extended informations: Yes / No)
    * Added Delete Playlist function
    * Stream Load support (only MegaVideo - No Veoh at the moment)
    * Added Quick-Configuration screen to MC / Stream-Player and Stream-Player+. Only things shown that can be changed after the login- and mount-commands
    * Change randomly the instructions in the welcome-screen. User can get other instructions by pressing [HELP]
    * Added OLED / LCD support to Media Center
    * Web-Cam delay is now configurable
    * Added possibility for 'external' streaming tools using MC / Stream2Dream (see /usr/lib/enigma2/python/LT/StreamPlayer/Tagesschau .py and

    LT EPG Grabber:

    How it works:

    * Grabs from XMLTV sources or the RadioTimes web site.
    * Configurable in config files: /usr/lib/enigma2/python/LT/EpgGrabConfig
    * Create new config files and put here if you like. Please share these so we can add good ones to DL server etc.
    * Can manually grab from GUI or set a crond task to grab. (Don't set grab time to 01:01...problems when rebooting...)
    * If enabled, the "Transport Stream EPG data" is unavailable...currently does not work at the same time. Work on this is going on...
    * Always need an E2 reboot after a new grab. This is done automatically or in the GUI. This means, select a grab-time when you do not watch TV...


    * Grabs all "nordic channels" for Sweden etc. (up to 5 days)
    * Can grab Sky-channels (up to 14 days!!!) from RadioTimes
    * Can grab german channels from (up to 5 days)
    * Create new grab-configs for grabbing from any XMLTV source...

    New in LT Stream2Dream v2.5 01.06.2008:
    -with Internet-TV,,,, and support using and
    -with autostream possibility in config-file (normal and systray-mode)
    -some fixes and speedups

    More info and support on

    Download LT - The fifth Campaign dm800
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