Fortecstar Lifetime II

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      26-10-2006 18:56
    هناك نوع جديد من أجهزة الفورتيك LifetimeII سينزل قريبا بالأسواق وهو شبيه ل Fortec 5600II

    هذه صورة للجهاز


    وهذه خصائص الجهاز

    Maximum Capacity:
    5000 TV or Radio Channels
    100 Satellites

    * Excellent Performance
    o Channel Switching Time less than 1 Sec.
    o CD Quality Sound (MPEG 1, Layer 1,2)
    * Multi-Function
    o Advanced Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
    o Full EPG With Time Reservation
    o Supports OSD/VBI Teletext and Subtitle
    o Normal/Wide Vision (4:3, 16:9)
    o Multi Reception (PAL/NTSC/SECAM)
    o Last channel Memory
    o Various applications such as Calendar, Biorhythm and Tetris game
    * Multi Language OSD Menu
    o 10 Languages: Deutsch, English, French, Italian,
    Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Russian, and Greek
    * Friendly User Interface
    o 256-Colour GUI (Graphic User Interface)
    o True Colour Background Image
    o P-I-G (Picture-In-Graphic)
    * Easy Installation
    o SCPC & MCPC Receivable from C/Ku-Band
    o Program search in automatic, advanced and manual mode
    o N.I.T (Network Information Table) Search
    o Capable of Setting the Frequency for SMATV System
    * Favorite Channel List
    o Add 100 Favorite Channels
    o Channel Sorting by Alphabet, Satellite, Network, CAS and Genre
    * Compatibility
    o DiSEqC1.0, DiSEqC1.2 and USALS Control Compatible
    o Data (S/W and channel data) transferable from PC
    * Parental Control
    o Parental Lock Function
    o Parental Control by age (Censorship Classification)
    * Flexibility
    o Program List Download through RS-232C (Receiver-to-Receiver, PC-to-Receiver)
    o Software Upgrade through RS-232C (Receiver-to-Receiver, PC-to-Receiver)

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