PLi® Jade - for the Dreambox DM7020

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  1. SIOUD

    SIOUD مستشار فريق الدريم بوكس طاقم الإدارة

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    ‏5 نوفمبر 2007
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      18-07-2008 22:42

    PLi® Jade - for the Dreambox DM7020

    - CVS Repository June 29th 2008
    - PLi® Repository July 18th 2008
    - RC repeat fix
    - Build non-LCD boxes without DISABLE_LCD, so binary plugins will work
    - Don't shut the box down on fatal Enigma errors
    - Enabled TimeShift for DM600
    - 2nd stage bootloader: Auto reboot after flashing nfi (DM500+ DM600, DM7020)
    - Improved BER
    - Auto Adjust AGCR1 to improve BER after tuning (yet only available via the registry)
    - Disabled fast zapping for DM500 and DM56x0
    - Mount network mounts as first step so EPG can be on a network mount

    - Build Streamts with large file support
    - Install movieplayer by default on all boxes

    General openembedded images:
    - Several ipkg improvements, speedups and bugfixes
    - Ushare and djmount (uPnP mediaserver and client) added

    - Added keyspan usb2serial driver (DM7020)

    - ePicon widget added, used by skin and multiepg
    * (uses serviceref piconnames, auto resizes picons to specified dimensions)
    - X-Line skin updated
    - Global worldwide Picon Sets added per Satellite / Provider

    - Updated to version 5.3.9

    Network Mounts Fixes:
    - If a network mount is edited in the web interface, it's automatically unmounted
    - Use udhcpc config/deconfig script
    * This solves the problem samba fails to start in case the DHCP assigns another hostname

    Network Mounts Features:
    - Complete redesigned network mount screen DM7000 allows NFS V3 mounts too
    - Support for NAS devices which cannot handle cifs Linux extensions
    - /VAR can be easily moved to a network mount

    Web Interface Fixes:
    - Several in web interface/movie source
    - Several in web interface/remote control
    - Several in web interface EPG
    - PDA webif improvements by Jonc
    - Updated working forum links in webif, now containing links to the PLi® wiki

    Miscellaneous Fixes:
    - Several TuxTXT bugs
    - More support for the DMM keyboard at several places
    - Better remote control support for fx2 games
    - Several fixes for Tetris
    - Fixed the unresolved symbols issue for various SoftCams
    - Sample PPanel can be uninstalled now
    - LCD output for PPanels fixed
    - Capacity in harddisk menu fixed
    - RSS configuration path
    - Improved harddisk detection
    - Satellite setup fixes for more then 80 active satellites
    - Recording and playing fixes if a network mount is unmounted
    - For writing EPG data to a network mount
    - Disable PIG on DM500+
    - No longer use (part of) the recordingdescription for repeating events
    * Just use the current date as additional description
    * Extra info will be in the EIT file anyway

    Miscellaneous Features:
    - Default zapstream for streaming to a PC
    - Removed: "Show installed PPanels"
    * All PPanels are visible in the plugin screen
    - Complete redesigned backup/restore menu
    - Support for dropbear in CDK images (DM500/DM56x0/DM7000)
    - Permanent timeshift integrated in recording and playing menu
    - Forward/backward skipping using the remote control number buttons
    - "Blue button" completely integrated with Enigma Setup
    - Fully programmable Blue and Yellow buttons to any menu or Plugin/PPanel
    * (Removed: PLiKey ppanel)
    - EPG Search added
    - Added <menu> for PPanel to call any Menu from a PPanel
    - Support for opening PPanels using an URL
    - Movie directory automatically created and automatic fallback to internal harddisk if anything fails
    - New movieplayer plugin as a full and better replacement for the VLCF plugin
    - Swap menu added for oe boxes
    - Ipkg support in PPanel
    - Added DISH LNB setting support in Satellite configuration wizard (at first boot)

    OSD Fixes:
    - Date in OSD fixes
    - Cosmetic changes in the Timer Menu

    OSD Features:
    - OSD is aligned according to OSD offsets

    - CCcam Softcam updated to 2.09

    - Thanks to ims for EPG Search, Movieplayer Plugin and several fixes
    - Some EPG webif changes by Alphons (we've added it to the CVS repository)
    - EPG Search based on Sourceforge Merlin project

    Thanks to the PLi testers for several fixes and features

    - Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes (DM500Plus/DM600/DM7020)
    - Global satellites.xml updated July 5th 2008

    Dowload PLi® Jade - for the Dreambox DM7020
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  2. salmanDVB

    salmanDVB عضو جديد

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    ‏24 جويلية 2008
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      04-08-2008 15:54
    شكرا جزيلا مشرفنا الكريم ، وهذه صورة رائعة جدا في
    إصدارها السابق ، وقد جربت هذه النسخة الأخيرة ، ووجدت
    الأيفو evocamd يعمل معها بكفاءة عالية بعكس الأيمو ماجك
    كامد والنيوكامد ..!!
  3. t999

    t999 عضو جديد

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    ‏19 أوت 2008
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      21-08-2008 14:35
  4. sejojo

    sejojo عضو جديد

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    ‏3 فيفري 2008
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      12-12-2009 17:43

    مشكور عزيزي

    صورة رائعة جدا

    توجد مشكلة عندي
    عندما اكون على قنوات شوتايم سبورت الريموت يعلق (لا يعمل)!!

    مالمشكلة وما الحل؟؟
  5. sami73

    sami73 مسؤول سابق

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    ‏6 فيفري 2007
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      13-12-2009 07:51
    يجب عليك إيقاف خاصية EPG

    menu / reglage / parametres expert
    النزول إلى الأسفل
    إنزع علامة صح أمام Activer MHW EPG
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  6. sejojo

    sejojo عضو جديد

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    ‏3 فيفري 2008
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      14-12-2009 18:20


    مشكوووور اخي sami73

    بارك الله فيك

    اكتشفت مميزات رائعه بالصورة
    لكن اذا ممكن شروحات للصورة من الخبراء والمستخدمين وافضل Skin
    يكون معها قائمة القنوات واضحة وبخط كبير

    تحياتي لكم


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