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  1. lazio

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    ‏8 جانفي 2006
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      10-11-2006 01:06

    MacroTable ToH3.x - v6.00Extended, 09/Nov/2006

    One Touch for Favourites Section Extended (on Front Panel... without RCU)

    You can choice your preferred channel on Power On (option)
    Direct access to CATone Module without crash
    Time Align Module by QME5400 included...
    ...set current time on current service without move motor
    Access to Antenna's menu directly
    One Touch for Favourites Section
    Info about HoT version plugged
    Slide Show Mode (infinite loop; Tv/Sat to stop)
    new Zapping Mode over last 3 channels (infinite loop; Tv/Sat to stop)
    OnScreenDisplay Off removed
    NoStop to Next/Last Favourite... greetings to Need & Majroo7 2000 (infinite loop; Tv/Sat to stop)
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