Mbox II v 28.08.2008

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      28-08-2008 20:50
    now support for sh40

    -Added support for SH4 (tested only on IPBOX 9000HD ,image:SifTeam Image 014 rc3!!!,use image that can generate /tmp/pmt.tmp file -> this image can).
    -Added option for writing ECMs in ecm.raw file (option W in mbox.cfg).
    -Default value of <I: cwshare.cfg> line is changed from 3 to 7.
    -Added usage of ignore.list file ( just G option).
    -Added CAT table parsing - EMM pids(only for dreambox).
    -Fixed bug when changing channel and data in ecm.info wasnt deleted.

    work on ipbox 9000hd with sif image 015

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