DM900 SatLodge


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عضو قيم
14 فيفري 2017
مستوى التفاعل
enigma2: 4.3.1r28
- Add workaround for broken RTL-Group EPG
- Don't return original event on similar event search
- Fix playback of some UHD mkvs
- Fix subtitles for UHD content
- Fix bludisc playback
- Fix potential crash on resolution change
- Fix graphics memory being leaked when playing back multiple files with subtitles
- Add Technirouter 5/1x16 to list of unicable devices
- Fix some issues with eMediaScanner and eMediaDatabase
- UI/Skins
- force subtitles behind ChannelList, undo skinned zPosition for subtitles
- fade background for Movie/Channelist context menus
- drop explicit zPosition for ChannelSelection
- update Default FHD skin
- MediaPlayer/Center/Renderer: add "cover.jpg" to list of cover arts
- StreamServerControl: fix range check of video/audio bitrates
- RecordTimer: Log when target directory does not exist
- Fix downloader for TLS-SNI secured content
we advise to reflash with new image to have better performance
although if you got last image you can update the image via "Software Management" with remote control
enigma2 4.3.1r28
your satlodge team wishing you a nice time

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