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      01-12-2006 10:30
    azbox ouvre al jazeera sport plus

    29.11.2006 New Software with changes on Blind Search, I/O mechanism, Hotbird Scan, and some crash problems (see more in Software page)
    29.11.2006 New PC-Edit tool with some bug's fixed
    25.11.2006 New Software for TPS 25/11-02/12
    21.11.2006 New Software: AXN BISS Portugal at Hispasat implemented
    18.11.2006 New Channel lists released
    17.11.2006 New Software for TPS and some other fixes

    Azbox CardReader:


    Nagravision 2
    Viacess 2.4/2.5
    Irdeto 1/2
    Seca 1/2
    Seca Carmagedoon (Soon)
    Nagravision 2
    Viacess 2.4/2.5
    Irdeto 1/2
    Seca 1/2
    Seca Carmagedoon (Soon)

    Azbox Emulation
    (Press "Menu" and "blue button" / Prima "Menu" e "Botão Azul" / Para Aceder "Menu" y "Botón Azul")

    Working Providers:
    - D+/Taquilla (Astra and Hispasat) NOT Working at moment
    4001 01 02 03 04 50 0
    Hotbird 13ºE:
    - TPS / ABsat - (TPScrypt/Viaccess) - With last Friday software
    - SRG SSR - (Viaccess)
    - OIV (HRT 1; HRT 2; HRT Plus; HBO Adria; Hallmark Channel East Europe; Hustler TV Europe; Zone Reality Europe; Zone Romantica Pan Europe; Jetix Central & Eastern Europe; National Geographic Channel Romania; Croatian Music Channel)- (Viaccess)
    - British Telecom (E! Europe, Jetix Europe) - (Cryptoworks)
    - GlobeCast/Tuner (Cartoon Network; TCM) - (Cryptoworks)
    - GlobeCast (Mezzo; Tamil TV Network; I> Télé) - (Viaccess)
    - BHT 1 - (Viaccess)

    Astra 19,2ºE:
    - ORF - (Cryptoworks)
    - EasyTV (Nat. Geographic Channel; Silverline; AXN Deutschland; Extreme Sports; Erotik First; NASN Europe; Arena 9) - (Cryptoworks)

    Hispasat 30ºW:
    - Multicanal (Canal Hollywood; Odisea; Canal Panda; Sol Música España; Canal de Historia; Hollywood; The Biography Channel; Canal Cocina) - (Nagravision)
    - MediaPark (MGM; CTK; Canal 18; Showtime Extreme; Super Ñ; Buzz; Natura; Somos) - (Nagravision)
    - AXN Portugal - (BISS)

    Other providers on other satellites not tested, please report us yours experiences.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- et son

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