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    DreamboxManagerSuite Version 2 Enigma1

    With completely revised version, we want 2 Go round the package.

    The new GUI, new construction, not to Plugin needed for the operation of (the search EPGS must, however, plugs, which are to be installed, if not based on the image of Merlin is used), a total of just faster, better and more stable to operate.

    It consists of 5 modules:

    1) DreamboxTV
    TV on a PC, the radio on your PC with visualization, programming the timer, EPGSuche more.

    2) VideoTSManager
    Films Dreamboxplatte to manage (size, designation, Delete), download movies on your computer and more.

    3) Timer Manager
    Management timer, minute timer programming possible, the EPG search engines, many more iterations.

    4) Screenshot Manager
    Comfortable create screenshots from Aspect Ratio (known as egg heads did not arise Wink), OSD shots, or both combined

    5) Telnet session

    Modules will be extended or expanded

    In DreamboxManagerSuite works under XP and Vista.
    Other Microsoft operating systems were not tested by us, but it can work.

    Many thanks to Anton beer and Cepheus ultravi for research and suggestions!

    Have fun!
    Dreambox-tools.info your team!

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