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    LT Fifth with SP3 release



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    Thursday, 09 October 2008

    Howdy all LT Users out there!

    Here we have the SP3 for newest LT image! We have worked hard and listened to many of your requests. Not all could make it in...but many have. Please see the detailed list for all changes.

    Enigma2 CVS 20081004
    LT rev 1899
    Drivers dm800 20081003
    Drivers dm7025 20081001


        * Added LT Zaphistory-Browser to the image

        * AutoCamd & AutoCamd Configurator

        * uShare (UPnP Server) Configurator

        * djmount (UPnP Client) Helper

        * Added two new scripts to check the performence of the HDD / Internet


        * FIX: Crash using Cutlist-Editor with GlassLine.II PiG skin

        * FIX: Crash changing to old MultiEPG from LT-EPG when using Single-Bouquetes

        * FIX: Error-handling in ScrollLabel (Info-Panel)

        * Deactivate AutoCamd if user selects a new EMU in the EMU-Selector screen

        * Handle also /etc/autocamd.conf with the Link-Manager

        * Added remote-infos for NewCS in Info-Panel

        * Check if service endtime is before starttime to avoid crash in EPG-Grabber

        * Moved HDD-Info to Informations menu

        * Show EMU Info-Panel also in the Informations menu

    Changes MC:

        * Added three list-types for recordings... changeable in the configs => usage

        * FIX: Caching picture-thumbnails

        * Added Podcast to StreamPlayer+

        * Added ZDF Mediathek to StreamPlayer+

        * Added arte +7 to StreamPlayer+

        * Added Joox to StreamPlayer+

        * Added UPnP to Browser

        * FIX: StreamPlayer, StreamClient and Burn2DVD configurations in MC with lt-language

        * New config Transcode mkv: yes/no

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