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  1. AICHA 03

    AICHA 03 نجم المنتدى

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    ‏9 جويلية 2007
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      29-10-2008 21:01
    لو سمحتم احتاج الى مساعدتكم
    لقد توفرت لي بعض الافكار في هذا الموضوع لكني اريد ان اثريه اكثر
    are friends necessary in our lives
    )express your opinion
  2. felosofie2008

    felosofie2008 عضو فعال

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    ‏18 مارس 2008
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      29-10-2008 21:48
    Dear sister your topic is so important and i like it so

    Thanks allot
    yes i belive in friend ship

    Friendship is an important relationship that matures a person from bieng just a member in the society

    I believe that the friendship exists. You can share many things with him (her). You feel comfortable when you talk with him (her). However, you understand that you and he (her) are good friends and nothing. In my opinion, friends are so nesecery in our life and we need it

    In our troubles your friend always cheer you up your real friend never let you down

    Thanks allot sister your topic is very important hope you like my reply
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  3. woodi

    woodi كبار الشخصيات

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    ‏27 نوفمبر 2007
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      29-10-2008 22:51
    As far as I am concerned , I think friendship does exist and it is important in our lives.
    Some people , who have been cheated on , keep saying that having a true friend is like chasing a dream that will never happen. Nevertheless, as true
    as this can be , there is always a dream come true
    there will not be always true friends , faithfull friends but one can not know unless he tries.
    there will be friends who let you down , others who cheat on you ... you may suffer a little but you will be coming back stronger and healthier.
    Apart that , there are friends who are always there for you , they hold you when you cry , stand with you when you are falling apart , pushes you when you feel like letting go .
    they are , what I like to call , our jeusus. the light in the end of the path that gives us the courage to hold on . man can not live alone in this society . it has to be someone or something that gets your back , that reminds you that , even though today is hard , tommorow will be easy and fruitful.

    friends are the hope for a better life . they have to be in our lives for there is no life with no hope.

    hope this will help you :kiss:
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