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    Arjou an tosa3idouni ab7ato 3an Falsh : Technisat DigiCorder Hd S2

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    Disque dur: Oui
    Capacité du disque dur: 160 go
    Lecteur de cartes intégré
    Nombre de cartes acceptées: 2
    Twin Tuners: Oui
    Type de récepteur: DVB-S
    Détection automatique des chaînes
    Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
    Compatible Dolby Digital
    Nombre de prises Péritel (SCART): 2 st
    Port Common Interface
    Ports USB: 1
    Sorties HDMI: 1
    Sorties S-Video: 1
    DigiCorder HD S2 160G :

    With the digital HDTV hard drive receiver DigiCorder HD S2 you can experience television in a different dimension. In addition to the television and radio programmes provided by conventional television providers, the DigiCorder HD S2 also allows you to receive the brilliant audio-visual world of high-definition television (HDTV). HDTV provides television enjoyment at a quality level hitherto unknown. The pictures are crystal clear, showing more detail, colours are richer and contours sharper. Sound quality is exceptionally high, providing an excellent, room-filling audio experience.

    Outstanding specifications :

    In addition to its ability to handle HDTV, the DigiCorder HD S2 comes equipped with an HDMI, an Ethernet and a USB 2.0 interface. In addition, it features two CI slots (Common Interface) as well as two card readers that are linked to the integrated CONAX decoding system, thus providing a wide range of decoding options. This means the DigiCorder HD S2 is optimally prepared for any future developments in compression and encryption standards.

    Reception options

    HDTV receiver equipped with a TWIN tuner for digital satellite reception (MPEG 2 / MPEG 4)
    Suitable for the reception of free-to-air and encrypted television and radio programmes via satellite

    Colors :

    Black and Silver colors.

    Decoding systems

    Integrated CONAX decoding system with two card readers
    Common Interface (CI) with two CI slots for additional decoding systems

    Hard drive

    Storage space: 160 GB

    Recording and editing functions :

    Timeshift: time-shifted recording, with simultaneous viewing of a programme

    Single key recording operation using "SiehFern INFO Plus" function
    Comprehensive editing functions allow you to process existing recordings
    Additional TechniSat added value services - free of charge :

    AutoInstall: installation assistant facilitates easy, automatic initial unit installation
    "SiehFern INFO Plus": easy-to-use, editorially enhanced programme information service providing previews for up to seven days in advance

    ISIPRO: updating of programme lists via satellite

    TechniMatic: Automatic software update via satellite
    Additional features :

    Pre-programmed programme list

    6,000 programme slots

    User-friendly on-screen menu (OSD) in 14 languages

    Super TechniText with 1,000-page memory

    Videotext subtitles

    DiSEqC 1.2

    aTHP (advanced TechniSat Home Platform): TechniSat utilises its own aTHP technology,developed in-house, to ensure secure and fast transmission of the "SiehFern INFO (Plus)"electronic programme information service, as well as of software updates.
    Display :

    Alpha-numeric 16-digit display shows channel number, station name as well as programme related information shown as scrolling text

    Connections :

    2 SCART connections

    Analogue audio outputs

    Optical and electrical digital audio output - Dolby AC3

    USB 2.0 connection

    HDMI interface (digital Audio-/Video output with HDCP)

    Ethernet interface

    Cinch video connection

    Serial interface (RS 232)

    و من هنا موقع السوفت,de,39&download=detail&produktID=1807
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      16-11-2008 20:54
    baraka llaho fika akhi alkarim Tarik :satelite::satelite:machkour machkour
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