New LT Fifth with SP4

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    LT Fifth with SP4 release DM7025

    كود (text):

    here we have a new SP for the LT - The fifth Campaign image.

    Enigma2: 20081107
    LT-SVN: Rev.1940
    Drivers DM800: 20081003
    Drivers DM7025: 20081001

    -TimerView plugin

    -Added bouquet handling to AutoCamd and AutoCamd-Configurator
    -FLAC support added
    -MKV should now work from start, dont think drivers support 1080p but 720p works (DM800)

    Changes MediaCenter:
    -New config (transcode avi: yes/no)
    -Error handling for unsupported video stream types (from CVS)

    Changes EPG-Grabber:
    -Discovery HD 1W has changed ID so updated in EPG XML file
    -Some new and some update xml for EPG grabber

    Changes Sat.xml-Generator:
    -Added support for two links in one sat-config-line (for example: Astra 1C/Sirius 2,3,4 (5.0E)|1|50|pos-4.8E.php,pos-5.0E.php)
    -Changed script to use data from kingofsat instead of lyngsat... untill now my auto-scan is working nice with the config: 28.2E, 23.5E, 19.2E & 13.0E

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