4000 illegal STBs seized in Dubai

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    Irdeto reports that Dubai police and anti-piracy authorities have confiscated 4000 “illegal” pay-TV decoder boxes from two Dubai warehouses, and the owners taken into custody.

    Dubai’s Ministry of Economy says that the confiscated decoders were in violation of intellectual property rights and the two distributors caught in the raids were criminally charged with violating the national copyright law.

    In a message reflecting the government’s aggressive stand against piracy MoE general manager H.E. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Alshihhi said that the Ministry “intends to maintain Dubai’s status as a model of the national and regional anti-piracy movement and in the process enhance the UAE’s reputation as a regional IT business and investment hub.” He added that they “will eventually win the war against intellectual property rights violators.”

    The raids were in response to specific complaints that were forwarded to MoE by the Arabian Anti-piracy Alliance from Irdeto Access, which provides smart-card encryption services to pay-TV operators Showtime Arabia, ART and Orbit.

    “We were really concerned with how much our services were being brazenly compromised by these illegal decoder box distributors. Our commitment to quality digital delivery services to our customers drove us to seek governmental assistance. The total number of boxes seized really surprised us and has encouraged us to remain more vigilant against IP violators,” commented Steven Kuster from Irdeto Access.

    Seventy-one raids involving the Arabian Anti-piracy Alliance have been conducted in the region since February this year.
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