PLi® DM7025 Jade2 Enigma2 images 27.12.2008

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    PLi® DM7025 Jade2 Enigma2 images 27.12.2008

    A new Enigma2 PLi® Dreambox release is available for download.

    The Original Enigma2 PLi® Jade2 suite contains the following images:
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM7025(Plus)
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM800
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM8000

    Use the downloadsection on our website to
    be sure to download our original PLi® images.

    Direct download...

    - Tuxtxt 1.108, with teletext caching support
    - Freesat EPG, thx to sousoux
    - DVB-C, Network-ID scanning
    - PiP zapping (note: only 7025 and 8000 supports PiP)
    - Discrete On/Off keys

    - Online update from Jade to Jade2 is not supported,
    the feed has been renamed from 'jade' to 'jade2'
    (the changes are such that the online update cannot handle them)
    - For editing a Enigma2 (HDTV) channellist, you will need a channeleditor
    which supports fully the service4 type lamedb file, like for example:
    DreamBoxEdit 3.0 or Dreamset v2.20

    - EliteDVB repository December 23rd 2008
    - PLi® repository December 27th 2008

    - Bootloader #61 for DM7025(Plus)
    - 20081025 drivers for DM7025(Plus)
    - Bootloader #70 for DM800
    - 20081210 drivers for DM800
    - Bootloader #70 for DM8000
    - 20081209 drivers for DM8000

    - Latest Henksat settings 25-12-2008
    - AIO Grab version 0.8

    - Converted to latest enigma2

    - support to mount CF and/or USB from fstab (for picons)

    - Several translations updated

    - Online update support (IPKG feed)
    - Global satellites.xml updated December 26th 2008 (DVB-S: FEC =
    Automatic; DVB-S2: FEC = Normal)

    Known general Enigma2 Issues:
    - USB SD card detection size: (, -1MB free)
    - Automatic mounts of a CF card fails: you can add it via 'fstab' which
    is located in /etc/
    - First time entering PLugins menu: Mediaplayer : a known
    hotplug problem
    - Slow C-Band Scan in Asia: due to the empty feed transponders
    - Network wizard: DM800 LCD screen is hard to read under several
    wizard settings
    - Picons don't work on all satellites which contains different bands: due
    to the orbital position of the various bands (S,C,Ku) (serviceref)

    See our PLi® Wiki for more answers on your questions...

    Many low level changes fixes and updates...

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