Enigma II Media Player with Picture Viewer inside v 2.6

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    Media Player with Picture Viewer inside v 2.6

    كود (text):
    1. You can look your pictures without any sound.

    2. You can play audio files from your playlist and look some
    pictures on the same time.


    1. A Enigma 2.5 based image.
    2. The webcamview plugin.


    Install the following packages step by step:

    1. python-shell_2.5.1-ml3_mipsel.ipk
    2. twisted-web_8.1.0-r0_mipsel.ipk
    3. enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaplayer_2.6git20081218-r0_mipsel.ipk
    4. enigma2-plugin-extensions-webcamviewer_2.6cvs20081218-r0_mipsel.ipk


    1. You can configure the PictureViewer inside the MediaPlayer
    with menu key -> slideshow setup.

    2. To view one or more pictures select a JPG-,BMP-,PNG-,GIF-file
    and push Ok-Key.

    3. To play a playlist of audiofiles and look one or more pictures at
    the same time load or create a playlist and then change to filelist,
    select a picture file like point 2.


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