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الموضوع في 'للأسئلة والمناقشة انغما1' بواسطة Rambo, بتاريخ ‏12 مارس 2006.

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  1. Rambo

    Rambo كبار الشخصيات

    إنضم إلينا في:
    ‏19 نوفمبر 2005
    الإعجابات المتلقاة:
      12-03-2006 23:47
    compatibly to rcS - lower case

    re-add eListBoxEntrySeparator for binary compatibility with old compiled plugins...
    please dont use it in new projects

    cleanup, remove dead code. MHWEIT object is never created.

    U++ate script execution from plugin menu. Scripts are executed "non-blocking" now, so they don't hang up enigma (like wget did in some cases)
    Use valign() for the plugin menu.
    U++ate german translation for the script functionality

    dvbsnoop: TS 101 191 MIP - Mega-Frame Initialization Packet for DVB-T/H (TS Pid 0x15)

    de.po: Language u++ate, make german translation more consistent.

    ++a webif fix

    U++ate tuxtxt to V1.98 (changes made by DBLuelle)
    - move page decoding and rendering of graphics from plugin to libtuxtxt
    - enigma: View Teletext in Web-IF (only working if caching is enabled)
    - plugin: corrected wrong character in english subset
    - plugin: corrected some errors in character display for fixed font
    - plugin: added portugese translation (thanks to jlmota)

    dvbsnoop: use same unit for frequency tolerance as for min, max and stepsize

    webif: use selected audio pid as first audio pid for vlc and web-x-tv

    streamline code

    tuxcom: - use /tmp/keyboard.lck to signal decoding of the keyboard

    dvbsnoop: More DSM-CC stuff: BIOP::FileMessage, BIOP: irectoryMessage,
    BIOP::Stream::BIOP::StreamEvent, BIOP::ServiceGateway, DSM-TAPs, etc.
    this is a preparation for a patch sent in by Richard Case (DSMCC-Save).
    Attention: Code is still untested and may considered to be buggy (some teststreams are needed)...

    movies.tmp root.tmp zap.tmp: changes for ie7

    dvbsnoop: DSM-CC Carousell, lots of Bugfixes, BIOP::Message not yet decodable (ddb has to collect Modules)

    extend sleeptimer and instant recordings stop time to max 999 Minutes

    fix history handling < > and recall prev service handling (0 button)
    fix timer bug (no more going to deepstandby, when no deepstandby timer has restarted the box, or explicitely selected this in the timer entry
    SORRY: this commit log was for previous commit.. and previous commit log for this

    revert previous change

    add more debug output for logfile

    Incl. satellites.xml by [email protected] (24.02.2006).


    md5: db16b6b00268ebf8addb194a49df536a

  2. maherinos

    maherinos عضو فعال

    إنضم إلينا في:
    ‏24 مارس 2006
    الإعجابات المتلقاة:
      25-03-2006 13:26
    merci شكرا لك أخى
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