LT Fifth with SP5 release 30-01-2009

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    LT Fifth with SP5 release 30-01-2009


    كود (text):

    LT SVN 2111
    Enigma2 20090128

    dm7025 20090116
    dm8000 20090126
    dm800 20090126

    dm7025 61
    dm800 70-r1
    dm8000 70-r1  

    -Added Automount-Editor
    -Added Bootup-Music plugin (bootup will take longer! don't use if you don't like)
    -TextEditor, will be called from the Media-Center - File-Browser
    -Added lock/unlock movie functions to the MoviePlayer
    -Handle locked/unlocked movies in MoviePlayer
    -Added new convert-types to LTServiceToText Converter: Number, NumberName and NumberNameOrbital
    -New configs (Show service number in InfoBar: yes/no)
    -Added new configs (Show service number in LCD / Show orbital position in LCD)
    -Added LTAnalogClock Renderer... not used yet
    -New config for LT ZapHistoryBrowser / InfoBar: Picon size (70x53, 100x60, 100x75)




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