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  1. karimsara

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    ‏1 جانفي 2006
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      26-01-2007 17:18




    PLi® Garnet Images Suite 20061228 Rev.2164


    The Original PLi® Garnet suite includes the following components:

    2.6.9 kernel
    2.6.9-dream-s8 kernel for the DM7020
    Enigma CVS 19-12-2006
    1.1.0 Head.ko
    Front Processor version 1.06 for DM7000
    Front Processor version 1.01 for DM7020
    Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression for the DM5xx(x) and DM70x0 boxes
    Tuxtxt v1.99
    Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert - PLi edition

    Use the download url's below to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

    The Original PLi® Garnet suite contains the following images:


    See below for whats New, Fixed & Features

    Flashing general:
    - When you press the Arrow UP during booting, a FlashErase will follow, as everybody knows from the DM7000.
    When you install a newer image, the backup function is still executed.
    Do only a flasherase without backup when you request it explicitly!

    === IMPORTANT Flashing DM500 Howto ===
    When you upgrade from a DM500 MaxVAR image (modified partition layout) to a PLi Garnet DM500 (standard partition layout)
    You NEED to flash your box with a serial cable to do the upgrade
    Flashing with root.cramfs or with FlashWizard will fail!

    The reason is the smaller filesize of the MaxVar root partition:

    o DreamBOX jffs2 on a DM500 MaxVAR: 0x00600000-0x007c0000
    o DreamBOX jffs2 on a DM500 Standard: 0x00500000-0x007c0000

    A MaxVAR image uses a smaller root partition then a standard image, that's why /VAR is bigger. So if you want to flash a standard image into the running MaxVAR image it won't fit in the smaller partition! To get rid of this MaxVAR sized partition you need to flash it with a serial (RS-232) cable.

    TV-System Wizard:
    - Replaced by A/V System Settings screen
    o This allows setup of your tv-system AND colorformat etc... right after Flashing
    o Allow TuxTXT/MultiEPG position setting from wizard. When switching between PAL/NTCS, default position settings are stored
    - Show position and size in TuxTXT/MultiEPG position screen

    - Better volume scaling
    - MP3/Ogg/Flac added:
    o Fix playing VBR MP3 files!
    o Support Ogg/Vorbis files
    o Support FLAC files
    - OSD MP3/Ogg/Flac info:
    o Show vorbiscomments and id3 tags in OSD using 3 lines of the OSD fileInfoBar
    o Show mp3 version+mono/stereo, samplefrequency, bitrate info using the vidformat, fq_val and sr_val skin variables
    - Updated to latest libmad and libid3tag
    - Event info from http streams is shown in OSD fileInfoBar
    - Allow skip forward/backward
    - Support 12-hour clock mode
    - Improved error checking and reporting for harddisk setup
    - Cleanup/Revised cardinfo script. It now also works for CCcam 1.3
    - Nicer work environment in Telnet sessions: color prompt and a few usefull alias commands
    - Added timer offset setting to Extra Systemsettings Menu (equals to settings allready available in WebIf)
    - Upgrade IPtables to version 1.3.5
    - IPtables TCP module added
    - Confirmation added for "Rebuild movie list"
    - Nano Editor added to DM7000 image
    - In FileMode Left/Right will zap back/forward to the markers in your recordings
    - Last Scanned userbouquet is now really last scanned, it will be erased as soon as you find a new service
    - Allow jumping to begin characters of service names, when adding services to a bouquet, or while being in bouquet editmode
    - From TransponderEdit screen allow direct jump to Manual Scan screen (usefull for Feedhunters)
    - Make clear 0000 is not a valid pin for Parental Lock of setup lock. Only a textual change will do!
    - North America AC3 pid fix, THX to DSM
    - Make stereo the default audio mode
    - Only show the LCD Shot feature only on hardware with a LCD
    - Translated a large part of Enigma texts to Dutch and Frysk (except for the Dream HELP-menu)
    - Many internal changes and fixes

    - CCcam updated to v1.3.1
    - A bootlogo for the DM500
    - The "Blue button" adds a switch event, when you are in one of the EPG viewers (just like in DM70x0)
    - Fixed the missing 'Record DVR' in DM500, "green button" from a EPG viewer now creates a DVR timer event, instead of a switch
    - Fix for MultiView EPG (MV) so that it doesn't crash Enigma

    - Fix CIFS mounts in PLi SetupNetwork, called from rcS
    - Support hostname resolving in busybox for CIFS/SMBFS mounts
    - Make SetupNetwork in Enigma tree a bit more foolproof
    - Added possibility to put Swap on CompactFlash card
    - Changed the way (auto)mounting is being used.
    o There were two ways, now there is only one!
    o The one already used by the WebIf (using mount.conf) is now also being used by SetupNetwork and Enigma
    - OSD mount manger: added a button to remove a Mount entry.

    PLi Image Setup:
    - Added harddisk used percentage bar
    - PLi Image Setup locking
    - Layout much nicer now
    - Fixed Digiturk and Arena audio in Language Setup
    - Picon enable/disable added
    - Tools Menu removed, is Backup/Restore menu now
    - Added 12-hour clock support
    - Storage directory for SQLite and Enigma EPG/Private EPG can be choosen
    - Switch to show SNR values in dB
    - Switch to show seconds OSD clock (if your skin has enough space for it)
    - Switch to disable showing EPG events in webif zap menus to speedup webif startup
    - Define number of service to view in MultiEPG
    - Checkbox to select if EPG data should be shown in WebIf channellists
    o (if you dont need the EPG info the WebIf is loaded much faster)
    - All Services to Run are started without a reboot
    - Support for Inadyn
    - Commercial skip times (forward and backward) can be altered in PLi setup
    - Added Frysk language

    - FTP downloads added
    - Scramble URLs fixed for all downloads
    - PPanel recovery also in case of parse errors
    - Added Writing to Enigma config
    - Added a way to send webcommands
    - Added a way to hide PPanels while running
    - Packages can be installed without removing the old version first
    - Added Download check for all downloads from internet
    - Possibility to edit the registry via a PPanel
    - Added PLiKey PPanel, with this PPanel you can assign a plugin to the HELP-button on your remote control
    - Fix crash in <media> variable if picture or another file can not be downloaded
    - See the PPanel Tutorial in the image for all details!
  2. karimsara

    karimsara كبار الشخصيات

    إنضم إلينا في:
    ‏1 جانفي 2006
    الإعجابات المتلقاة:
      26-01-2007 17:20
    - More clear installer messages
    - Inadyn plugin added, source THX to aalex77, rewritten to PLi® style
    - Serveral bug fixes

    - Channel EPG can be opened by MENU-key while in PiG EPG
    - Storage directory for SQLite and Enigma EPG/Private EPG can be choosen. You can move the storage on the fly, it's possible to see the following messages
    o "This directory is suitable for storage"
    o "This directory has not enough space" (you will need 20MB for SQLite, 50MB for MemStore)
    o "This directory does not exist"

    o Reboot your box before enabling SQL-lite
    o The Enigma EPG storage directory is only used when rebooting or shutting down your box, this EPG data will be read after starting up your box again
    - Update MV: changes of v3.5.1b -> v3.5.2 merged into our sources
    - Dish Now/Next fixed in the skin
    - Several Dish EEPG fixes

    - Timebar is now aligned on 30 minute intervals
    - Updated icons
    - Optionally show channel icons.
    o Borrowed icon images and /var/tuxbox/config/mv/icons.esml from MV!
    - Use PiG space for Infobox if PiG doesn't work on your box
    - Number of Infochannels can be set via EPG Settings in PLi Setup
    - Fontsize can be set via EPG Settings in the PLi Setup
    - Don't open PiG when in Radiomode
    - Don't open PiG when we have No Services
    - Don't open PiG on DM500 and DM56x0 boxes
    - Replace top help line with hint to use HELP-key. Also extende help text a bit

    SqLite storage:
    - Improved the EPG viewer response

    - Garnet Radio & MP3 Backgrounds & Bootlogo's
    - eNumber element can now center contents vertically using skin property 'vcenter', or (for plugins) the widget property flagVCenter
    - Added File date to fileinfo in status bar
    - Also show fileinfo for pictures
    - Show filesizes in kB if the file is less than 10MB
    - Show RDS in fileInfoBar when in Radio mode
    - Renaming MP3, FLAC and Ogg/Vorbis files is allowed
    - Added per channel progress bar in zapView
    o As an extra bonus, EPG info is updated when scrolling through the zaplist
    - Cosmetics for EPG descriptions in zapView: remove parenthesis and use separate color (epg.time.background)
    - Strings in eTextPara are clipped to the space that is definded for them (This is probably a bug in Enigma and Enigma2)
    - Improved helpwindow scrolling
    - Made alpha setting in 32-bit more more granular
    - PLicons in skin using skin variable 'plicon' added.
    o Use it as <eLabel position ="0:34" name="plicon"/>
    o Borrowed icon images and /var/tuxbox/config/mv/icons.esml from MV!
    o Note: using plicons is NOT a must for skin developpers...
    - Timer list: Repeating timer weekdays: show alternating * for non-programmed days
    - Increase alpha range in 32-bit mode a bit
    - Updates to default.esml to adapt to 12-hour clock
    - Only show motor settings when motor is enabled in Satellite Configuration

    - Scale down JPEG images to max twice screen resolution when loading the image.
    o This should solve Enigma crashes when viewing large JPEG images!
    o People should not try to view such large images in other formats...
    - Moved scale/noscale function from 'ok' button to 'help' button. Leaving it on 'OK' seems to unscale images directly...

    Web Interface:
    - Fixed Timer Edit in case of "strange" characters in description
    - Allow minute based timer edits when editting a timer event (was per 5 minutes)
    - Allow combined Screen+OSD shot
    - Screen/OSD shots are shown in full native size (no resizing anymore)
    - Fixes for OSD/LCD shots on PDA's
    - Show which channel is being recorded in the WebIf
    - Only show motor settings when motor is enabled in Satellite Configuration
    - Fixed menuitem mouseover css
    - Added Recording Indicator
    - Fixed IE7 detection, Ticker & Web-X-TV
    - Added Minifinder - adapt SNR bar-width for dB
    - Fixed Aspect Ratio for a screenshot (without OSD)
    - WebIf mount: added server name again in table and give it a seperate column

    - First see if /var/etc/vsftpd.conf exist, if not use /etc/vsftpd.conf
    o This way the user can override the config by placing a config file in /var/etc as requested
    - Vsftp version 2.0.5, solving the 2GB limit
    - Fix FTP server problem when downloading from CIFS mounted shares

    - Bugfix for stopping Newcamd
    - Updated Gb*x script for faster zapping

    Detailed info, FAQ's, HowTo's and TechNotes can be found on the PLi® Website:


    Your forum logins can be used.
  3. amo_jalel

    amo_jalel عضو مميز

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    ‏23 ديسمبر 2006
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      28-01-2007 23:27
    je l'ai installer pour la 7000, je n'ai rien compris de ces répertoires, si qcq la connais qu'il nous explique un peux svp, et surtout l'instalation des emus et des plugins en manuelle
  4. karimsara

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    ‏1 جانفي 2006
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      29-01-2007 09:48
    سلام عمو جلال
    انا استعمل صورت الPLi Image مذ مدة ساحاول ان اوضح بعض الاشياء عن هذه الصورة
    اولا بهذه الصورة لا يستعملون كلمة emu بل يستعملون كلمة softcams
    نضغط على الزر الازرق ثم نضغط علىsoftware management ثمى downloads.. ستجد كل مى تبحث عنه موجود بنسبة لemu اضغط softcams/cardservers
    وgbox pli موجود بقسمنى هنا
    :satelite: :satelite:
  5. amo_jalel

    amo_jalel عضو مميز

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    ‏23 ديسمبر 2006
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      29-01-2007 23:55
    Je te remercie des explications, mais je suis un peux septique quant a l'image elle meme

    Tu as le répertoire iptabl que je n'ai pas compris a quoi il sert
    En tuxbox il y'a un nouveau répertoire : installer
    J'ai aussi trouver spool comme répertoire

    Je la trouve compliquer comme la Neutrino, ou je doix changer les paramétres de configuration de dream set pour mettre les chaines, et en ordre les favoris, en plus ce systeme de changer radicalement les répertoires je trouve qu'il la pénalise, car je la trouve stable comme image en multiboot sur une image officiel

    Je n'installe pas en automatique les addons ou emu, ou plugins je fais de la téle-assisatance, donc je doix tout gérée via ftp et telnet

    Une derniére chose elle est gourmande en mémoire

    Dommage elle ma plus au départ
  6. karimsara

    karimsara كبار الشخصيات

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    ‏1 جانفي 2006
    الإعجابات المتلقاة:
      30-01-2007 08:51
    عمو جلال اود ان تجرب هذا backup واعطيني رايك انهى من العملاق zombis وهو من اكبر خبراء الدريم بالمانيا

    Hallo Leute !
    Hier nun mein Backup des ds_7k_nextstep.img.
    Dieses Backup ist vom ds_7k_nextstep.img 09.12.2006
    Es ist von mir nur im Stick getestet nicht auf der HDD.
    Das neue Backup zum runterladen ist dies zombis_ds-nextstep-13.12.06_multiboot.rar
    Das backup ist 19 mb groß und braucht zur Wiederherstellung ca. 44,0mb

    - Ich werde keinerlei fragen über Pre*iere mit Emu beantworten und auch keine Fragen über Karten die mit bestimmten Emus nicht laufen ich besitze keine karten mehr deshalb kann ich dies nicht testen.
    - Das flexmenü wurde um einige sachen erweitert (zb. Werbezaper, swapfile einrichten, das örtliche (telefonauskunft) , verpaste anrufe (fritzbox abfrage) usw.)

    Ein NFS Server ist im image und wird beim hochfahren der box mit gestartet.
    Die Option ihn per hand zu beenden ist im image auch drin , wer ihn nicht immer mitlaufen lassen möchte beendet ihn per hand übers userscript menü unter plugins.


    # Das image enthält: 8 Emus

    1.Scam 2.5
    “NEW” 2.Camd3 880
    “NEW” 3.Evocamd v2.12+newcs v1.20
    4.Newcamd 6.10+betad+cardserv
    5.CamX 27.09.06
    “NEW” 6.Mgcamd v.pre1.16 +newcs v1.20
    “NEW” 7.CCcam 1.31 +newcs v1.20
    8.Dreamcrypt (für orginal Dreamcrypt Karten)

    # 55 Plugins+FlexMenü mit noch mehr Plugins:

    “NEW” 02.Tuxbox commander 1.15
    03.Tuxmail P1.44 / D1.45 (man muß seine eigenen Daten eingeben sonst geht es nicht)
    04.Dreamnetcast v1.0 ( internetradio )
    “NEW” 05.Dreamripper (internetradio aufnahme)
    06.New Tuxweter Plugin v3.14
    07.Dreambox X Wetterforecast
    08.Dreambox RSS Newsreader
    “NEW” 09.Tuxtext 1.99
    10.Dream Data 0.1.2
    11.start streamingserver
    12. stop streamingserver
    13.MLB v1.15
    14.VLC Frontend
    “NEW” 15.Recordings.epl Creator v2.0
    16.Multi Pic in Pic
    17.Bild im Bild
    18.I Have ADate
    19.New Tuxcal P1.06/D1.07
    20.MultiView EPG v3.52 auch über rote Taste abrufbar
    21.Download s*y EPG
    22.EPG Refresh
    23.EPG Find v3.04
    24.EPGui 2.6
    “NEW” 25.WeekEPG 1.24
    26.WebEPG v1.0
    27.gSub config 1.08
    28.Dreambox DrTic v2.0
    29.DVB-Untertitel v0.42
    30.RemoteTimer v2.0
    31.Bitrate Viewer 1.2
    32.LCD Circle
    34.Picviewer 1.14
    35.Jukebox 0.64
    36.CSG 1.3a Image Manager
    37.Disk Space v1.01
    38.Satfind LCD/TV
    39.Satfind LCD
    40.DVB Logger 2.6
    41.LogCS 1.36
    42.Scam Edit
    45.Sysinfo 0.8.7
    46.Feeds Hunter
    47.Tux Calculator (Taschenrechner)
    48. MovieBrowserPlayer_v1_01
    49.Wifi Plugin
    50.Script Steuerungs Plugin (userscript)
    51.PiconOffset zur Steuerung des Logos für die skins
    52.Easy Logo v1.2
    53.VNC Viewer
    54.Language Preference (Audio vorauswahl)

    # (Tuxmail und Tuxcal starten immer beim booten des image mit)

    # Tuxcal und Tuxmail werden auch nach einem Standby ausgeführt,man sieht seine Termine und Geburtstage oder mail´s also auch nach einem Standby.

    # 2 Sprachen Deutsch englisch

    # 20 Games:+ TuxFrodo C64 EMU + Sinclair Spectrum Spiele Emu

    4.Pacman 2
    6.Schiffe versenken
    10. 4 gewinnt
    15.walls (Raumschiffe abschießen)
    16.Bloks (diamanten sammeln)
    19.Schach 1.A
    “NEW” 20.Sudoku
    20. TuxFrodo C64 EMU (Spiele müssen nach hdd/c64games )
    21. Sinclair Spectrum Spiele Emu

    # Settings sind für 2\1Diseqc 1.Astra 2.HB. voreingestellt aber ihr könnt ja eure einspielen.
    Es ist wichtig das jeder seine Satellitenkonfiguration und seine Settings nach dem aufspielen des Backup macht.
    Jeder hat eine andere Konfiguration und dadurch werden bei einigen keine Sender gefunden.
    # 3 Skins insgesamt ,da ich nur meinen geänderten Skins nutze wird es in meinen backups keine anderen Skins geben .
    wer andere Skins haben möchte muß sie sich selber einspielen.

    1/2.orginal multiline6_grey 4:3/16:9 skins

    3. zombi_multiline6_16:9 von mir verändert mit Senderlogo anderer font´s und noch ein paar dingen.

    LCD animation beim start ,große uhr usw.

    Cifs,NFS und Samba sind im image enthalten und sind auch gleich einsatzbereit .

    das backup ist eine .rar datei ,bitte erst mit winrar entpacken .
    gleich vorab es MUß ein image mit dem LZMA-Patch im flash sein.

    Instalation: mit Flashimage hochfahren danach FLASHWIZARD_6.3 starten, H_aken raus bei setting übername backupdatei einspielen und neu booten.
  7. amo_jalel

    amo_jalel عضو مميز

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    ‏23 ديسمبر 2006
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      30-01-2007 11:15
    Merci, je te dirais qcq chose les jours prochains
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