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  1. karimsara

    karimsara كبار الشخصيات

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    ‏1 جانفي 2006
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      04-02-2007 10:18
    Nabilosat Image v 0.4

    Wat's new:

    Enigma CVS 26.1.2007
    Patch 1.10

    * Fixed Yellow button hd always runnign
    * Fixed Bug that crashed Enigma in file Mode
    * Added ECM INFO in Emu Manager.
    * Added 5 New great Bootlogos by Army
    * Added Gsub autostartup support
    * Added:
    ------Network icon (When Network is decoding)
    -----Emu icon (When Internal Emu is decoding)
    ------Card Icon (When Smartcard is decoding)
    * -Emu Ecm Info in OSD additions:
    * Mgcamd & Evocamd:
    ---Added: OSD text Informations on source
    ---Added: Icons (Emu/Network/Card)
    * CCcam:
    ---Added OSD text info: caid and provider and decode type
    ---Added: system decrypt detect (system decrypting label green)
    ---Added: Icons (Emu/Network/Card)
    * Updated Busybox from default 1.0.1 to 1.2.1
    --New busybox commands:
    * [[
    * awk
    * md5sum
    * nc (netcat)
    * netstat
    * udhcpc
    * usleep
    * Epg improved:
    * Added Epg cache autedect when zap on a Channel with Epg stream data:
    * -- Popup to notify that stream is found, EPG is updating and request to not change channel
    * -- Popup to notify when Epg update is complete
    * -- Popup to notify when Epg cache file is saved
    * Added a new section in Extra settings for Epg config:
    * -- Location currently used
    * -- Save Epg cache on hdd/usb/cf
    * -- Enable MHW Epg
    * -- Disable Epg Popup Advertisment
    * Added a new section: Nabilo OSD Preferences
    * Disable Ecm Info in OSD
    * Disable Network Info in OSD
    * Hide Infobar Timeout

    Original epg_cache code is by aalex77.
    Special Thanks to aalex77 and Juliet team to help to improve Epg in Nabilosat Image.

    Thanks to all the PPL that contributhed to this version:
    Nabilo - Franjuve and all the beta tester
    Many Thanks to Matrix10 for Nabilosat Skin and the testing and inspirations of major additions
    Many Thanks to Army for support and wonderful Nabilosat logos and skins and to MaximoII
    Many Thanks to special testers as
    greg for help in CCcam specifications
    FUNLOY for testing and support
    Rocknroll for bugs notifications
    and [email protected]@, Darkvideo and all Nabolosat team.
    Special Thanks to Fbrassin for is great work to provide to Nabilosat ppl packages.
    Enjoy Nabilosat !!

    Hystoric image

    Nabilosat Image V 0.3

    What's New:

    * Moved plugins from 2xBlue to 2xYellow
    * Redesigned Blue Panel to have in the main window the Emu Managment.
    * Start/Restart Cam moved to OK button in Emu field.
    Immediate download an installation of latest key package and automatic restart of current emu
    * Added 6 logo with random function. Nabilo 0.3 is the first to have a random function in the loading of second bootlogo. It works in this way:
    - First logo is fixed and it is always the same
    - Second logo is choosen from the image at each startup between 6 different images.
    * Added Compact Flash autodetection and mounting at start-up
    * Fixed Ecm encryption system


    Nabilosat image 0.2 -151007

    CVS 10.1.2007
    Patch 1.10

    added webif expert
    added private EPG
    added EPG Expert
    added plugin WeekEpg
    added Hard Disk settings and Info

    Added categories in download area:
    Nabilo image Plugins
    Nabilo Image Skins
    Nabilo Image Script
    Nabilo Image Languages

    Added button-up and button-down working in Main Menu.
    Fixed Bugs:
    - Encrypt type
    - Inadyn settings
    - Plugin conflicts


    Released 6.1.2007

    Image x FLASH 7000 and MULTIBOOT USB - HDD - CF (7000 and 7020)

    - Enigma 1.09 - CVS update 12.2006
    - LZMA compression
    - busybox
    - WebIf
    - Tuxtxt

    BLUE Button:

    1 click: Nabilosat Blue Panel (Nabilocam)
    2 clicks Plugins

    Nabilo Panel Detail:

    - Green button: Start / Restart Cam
    - Red Button: Autocam Config

    -- Autocam Window:
    --- Select Default Cam
    --- Select provider Cam
    --- Select Channel Cam
    ---- Green Buton: Save

    - Blue Button: Plugins

    - 1 Button: System Info
    --- Dreambox
    --- Mount Points
    --- Process Info
    --- Memory Info
    --- Enigma Setup
    --- Bitstream

    - 2 Button: Extra Settings
    --- Swap space configuration
    --- Inadyn advanced setup


    NabiloCP (Yellow Panel)

    - Addons Download Manager
    --- Nabilo Image Cams
    --- Other Cams
    --- Keys
    --- Plugins
    --- Script
    --- Settings
    --- Skins
    --- Image
    - Manual Install Panel
    - Addons Uninstall Panel
    - Images Uninstall Panel
    - Nabilosat Forum
    - Nabilosat Shoutbox
    - Shoutbox Nick config
    - Nabilosat Statistics

    - Included Plugins:
    ---Satan Keys Updater
    ---TuxBox Commander
    ---Start Ngrab recording
    ---Stop Ngrab recording
    OSD Added infos:
    - SNR
    - AGC
    - BER
    - Provider Name
    - Encrypt type
    - Current Cam
    - Prov id
    - Cayd
    -- Decode type: (Network - Internal - Slot)
    -- Network Card Info:
    -- Card provider
    -- Card id
    -- SL
    -- Level
    -- Distance

    - SAMBA
    - Reiserfs
    - CIFS

    - Packman
    - Snake
    - Tetris

    No Keys, No Emu Inside.

    thanx to all nabilosat teams and to all who help us on this great project
    specialy Thx to bacicciosat Thanks to Matrix10 for suggestions and to Army and MaximoII for bootlogos. Thanls to [email protected] Franzjuve and Fbrassin for cooperation and to all the beta testers.
    for any suggestion or propose to help us on this project plz
    contact us on [email protected]

    Enjoy Nabilosat !
    من جديد صورة في غاية الروعة

    :satelite: :satelite: :satelite:
  2. tounsi9_4

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    ‏19 جويلية 2006
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      04-02-2007 13:20
    ألف شكر أنا أستعمل نابيلو 0.3 و هي رائع و سأجرب و أعطيكم رأيى مشكور على هلصور الجميل التي تمدنا بها
  3. ceyber

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    ‏6 جانفي 2007
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      26-02-2007 00:12
    رائع رائع رائع
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