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    release candidate 20090423


    changelog dm8000 release candidate 20090423
    enigma2/plugins (20090404 -> 20090424)
    fixed problem with epg on some services introduced by the prev polish epg fix
    more fixes for polish epg
    faster pluginlist reload
    fix not working mediaplayer on first startup
    fix not working dvd player on first startup
    fix crash in virtual keyboard
    fix audio pid caching
    no more stop playback of a running recording in some conditions
    fix frequently crash (font render fix)
    show correct audio/video pid in service info screen
    drivers (20090403 -> 20090423)
    Mute problems fixed (when mute was enabled in ac3 mode and switched to a service without ac3)
    Try to fix problem that CIs no more responding after long (soft)standby

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