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    The Gemini2 Project 4.20 DM8000

    Gemini2 v4.2
    Enigma from 2009/04/23

    Most Functions are described in our Wiki.

    Function Buttons:
    * BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
    * long BLUE -> PiP (DM7025)
    * 2x BLUE - BP -> Gemini Extras
    * BLUE RED -> File Manager
    * RED - Record
    * GREEN - Quickbutton / Subservices
    * Yellow - Timeshift (not for DM8000)

    * Own Addon-Server via internet.
    * Cryptinfos of the Stations. Assign different Camds to Stations/Providers (AutoCam).
    * Manage many Daemons / Server (BP - Services/Daemons)
    * Visual improvements such as HD-Skin, icons or additional adjustments to the station list
    * Manager for formatting, setting up or integration of devices (BP-> Device Manager)
    * additional EPG functions, such as Autosave, Refresh, or connect different EPG formats
    * Own Addons e.g. Dreamnetcast, jukebox, calendar, e-mail or eTorrent to name just a few
    * Quick button (select the function of the green button via the menu)
    * detailed information about your Dreambox (Menu-> information)
    * File Manager, it is possible to handle all formats, regardless of whether images, sound, film material, playlists, Torrents, scripts or DVDs (BP-> File Manager)

    Many other functions, such as "the GP2 Controlr" Rezapp or the many options can in IHAD board or our Wiki to be read.

    * added more daemons to BP Menu-> Services / Daemons
    * NFS server, and port options for MAC-user expanded
    * simple Samba configuration on BP -> Services / Daemons-> Samba (Samba must be installed))
    * Quick button can also work as a menu when more than 1 point is activated (Note new quickbutton.xml))
    * In the file manager can be the Favorites menu as a starting set.
    * Function of the exit button in the file manager (in Movie Mode) can be changed
    * almost all menus, in which the settings are unified.
    * Jukebox now works as a browser, there is no need more to create playlists.
    * Selection of the drivers/kernel modules as a wizard on first start of the box integrated.
    Handling of complete respect block USB devices (HDD, USB, CDROM, Printer) redenominated
    This has the following effects:
    * Folder "/media" is empty, all the folders in "/media" are created by the system.
    * Tile "/etc /fstab" is empty and shouldn't be need to register devices yourself.
    * All equipment, including hotplug devices will receive depending on the number of partitions in the folder "/ media".
    * To switch to the new system easier, are currently or 2 links to hard drive.
    The Root of the link "/hdd" and the link "/media /hdd", both are really no longer necessary. smile
    * Autofs will only be used for network drives. Means there is no folder "/autofs" more in the Root.
    In the folder /etc are only 2 files needed for autofs (auto.master and
    About the Editor Automount in Gemini can only drives network which, in the file "/etc /" saved. Network drives on the autofs mount
    are now in the folder "/ media / net".
    * Media-scanner and Media Player no longer in the image, this is the DVD player is already integrated in the image (to be found in the BP). This must and should also no longer be installed separately (specifies otherwise noted problems with the built-in).

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