Enigma II Kerni HD1 MOD Gemini 4.20

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      01-05-2009 11:54
    Kerni HD1 MOD Gemini 4.20

    It's my MOD of Great skin from @Kerni. It working great with latest Gemini 4.20 . What's new/ updated...

    - SNR is show as % ( not db)
    - added channel number
    - added Tuner Info in infobar (thx to my new ExtendedServiceInfo.py )
    - bigger expert_info expecially for cccam info (with long domains cs...)
    - updated Software manager
    - changed OLED info (now it looks like in "dreamTV hD" skin)
    - version without Picon (I'm not using it and I deleted it from skin.xml)
    + a lot of small changes...

    All needed files in .zip package (copy by ftp in right places all needed files)


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