Best Jobs for the 21st Century

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    More than 500 job descriptions—65 best jobs lists!

    Find the best jobs in just two easy steps!

    First, browse 65 best jobs lists that rank the best jobs in categories that fit salary needs, education attainment, interests, and career objectives. There are five list groups:

    * Best jobs overall: Lists of jobs with the highest pay, fastest growth, and more openings
    * Best jobs lists with high percentages of workers age 16-24, workers age 55 and over, part-time workers, self-employed workers, women, and men
    * Best jobs lists based on levels of education and experience
    * Best jobs lists based on interests
    * Best jobs lists based on personality types

    Second, read complete descriptions of more than 500 jobs that include skills, knowledge, and training needed—very helpful for writing resumes and preparing for interviews! All descriptions are based on the latest O*NET data.

    Especially helpful for those who

    * Need good jobs quickly
    * Want good jobs but do not know what they want to do
    * Want to get out of dead-end jobs or move up without going back to school
    * Want to earn a certain pay level…or work in a healthy, fast-growing field or find work that fits their education or training level

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    english pdf book enjoy :easter:
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