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    Karim Haggui is one of those players that can always be relied on to produce the goods. Haggui has only made eight appearances so far this season after undergoing two operations last year. But he is always prepared to give his all for the club when called on. The 25-year-old Tunisian has produced some excellent performances at the heart of the Leverkusen defence in recent games.

    BayArena Magazin spoke to Haggui ahead of the home game against Arminia Bielefeld.

    Karim, you’ve just gone through two hectic weeks. First, there was the DFB Cup semi-final win against Mainz, then the home defeat against Karlsruhe and now the away win over Schalke. How do you explain this topsy-turvy form?
    Haggui: The week after the 1-0 defeat to Karlsruhe was very uncomfortable for the team. There was a tense atmosphere. We didn’t play well at all and perhaps the 120 minutes against Mainz affected us. We were determined to make amends in the Schalke game at that brilliant stadium. We wanted to show that the performance against Karlsruhe was an exception. And I think we managed it. We played our normal attractive and successful game.

    Why do you think it’s so difficult to reproduce the concentration and performance levels shown in the Schalke game?
    Haggui: I don’t think it’s always a question of concentration. We did really well before the winter break, were well-prepared for the restart and got off to a great start in the Cup game against Cottbus. Perhaps we were too focussed on the Cup campaign after that. Although it’s fair to say that things weren’t all bad in the Bundesliga. And I don’t just mean the victory away to Hoffenheim but also the performances in the drawn games against Bochum and Bremen, our win against Köln or even the narrow defeat at Wolfsburg where could have got more out of the match. We were unlucky in front of goal and perhaps we lacked the killer touch.

    Bielefeld are next up at the LTU arena. Another team in danger of relegation, another defensive side, another side that we should beat. Can you tell us why the first home win in Düsseldorf is on the cards?
    Haggui: It doesn’t matter who we play at the moment. And it isn’t important whether the opposition is more or less defensive and in danger of relagation. It’s up to us to concentrate on our game and reproduce the form we showed against Schalke. Then we’ll pick up our first Bundesliga win in Düsseldorf. And we’re treating the last games of the season as preparation for the Cup Final. We can’t afford to just turn up and expect to win regardless of how we’ve performed in the league games. We’ve got to start by getting results in the league matches.

    The Bielefeld game is a night match, like the Cup ties against Cottbus, Bayern and Mainz. Perhaps that’s a good omen?
    Haggui: I’ve not thought about that. We seem to prefer night games in Düsseldorf. But that should’nt really matter.

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    i watched the match between lever and bielefeld
    so hagui did a great match
    bravo hagui

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