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    انطلاقا من 4 جويلية 2009 ستغير القناة TCM - Turner Classics Movies- النسخة الالمانية اسمها لتصبح TNT Film ..هاته القناة التابعة لمجمع Turner Broadcasting System (TBS).
    القناة موجودة ضمن باقة Premiere وباقة Kabel Deutschland (Astra 3A, 23.5 ° E).


    TCM Germany to become TNT Film
    Jörn Krieger

    Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) will rename the German version of its film channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM) as TNT Film on July 4, at the same time adopting a new logo designed to have a younger, more dynamic and glamorous affect.

    The reason for the move is the development of the channel’s content. At its German launch in December 2006, TCM screened mostly film classics, whereas more recently it has added an increasing number of more current titles, so that the “Classic Movies” component of the name no longer applies.

    With the name change, TNT will gain the status of an umbrella brand under which TNT Film and sister service TNT Serie, launched in January, will be incorporated. According to TBS, TNT Film will in future show “the best films from every decade”, with the portion of more recently produced blockbusters being continuously expanded.

    Over the coming months box office hits such as Notting Hill (1999), Being John Malkovich (1999), Mars Attacks! (1996), Apollo 13 (1995) and Out of Africa (1985) will form part of the schedule. Additionally, selected films will in future be screened in widescreen format 16:9. The new website will be at, but the URL is not yet active.

    The channel, which screens films both in the original language and dubbed into German, is available via cable, satellite and ADSL in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
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    أخبار حصرية يا غالي واصل أبداعاتك

    لك مني أجمل التحيات


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