milo-image-dm7025 - 16.05.2009

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      17-05-2009 08:19
    milo-image-dm7025 - 16.05.2009

    New in this release:

    * Again, lots of updates from the central repository
    * Changed LCD screen (will do some serious work next week on this)

    * EPG Search works for non-UTF8 encodings like Freesat
    * NETcaster that does not crash
    * Standard Dutch favourites list instead of German
    * Rearranged settings menu
    * Upgraded tuxtxt which enables teletext cache
    * Plugin download screen gets server list no more than once per hour
    * Symlinks in /var to satisfy some softcams
    * Driver updates for DM8000
    * Experimental switch to enable a "home page" service

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