DCC-E2 v1.20

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    DCC-E2 v1.20



    Dreambox Control Center E2 v1.20 (only for Enigma2)

    Actually was a bit more planned, but I am currently very time-intensive projects, and thus initially had only limited opportunities to work at the DCC. But until I return in 2-3 months had a little more time (God willing), this update should be sufficient time to bridge a bit.

    What is new compared to the beta version:

    Various bugfixes:
    - Reboot the flash image on the BA Boot Manager should work now
    - Length Limitation in title / subtitles of corrected Recordings

    Autoconfig reviewed:
    - Detection HDD mountpoint
    - Adaptation of the recording path

    Live TV Addon (Experimental) Added:
    Live TV is a streaming addon to play the TV screen over the network on the PC, including remote control and EPG. Also recordings can be played ...​

    System requirements for live TV:

    - Only for Enigma2.
    - Must be in the DCC-E2 directory (using the configuration).
    - Installed VLC Version 0.9.8

    WARNING: must be compatible with VLC ActiveX plugin installed!​


    Live TV can DCC E2 started out, but is also run alone as long as it is from the DCC-E2-directory is executed.
    Note: Double-click on the TV screen to switch to fullscreen and back again.

    Live TV is still experimental. Errors in the operation are not excluded, as is the behavior with newer versions of VLC undefined. It also lacks the time to me everything in detail to describe something that is the best around - it is sometimes easier than you think ...

    I'm starting today at noon again on mission abroad, and can only now and then in the forum have a look. Response to posts of mine will therefore initially somewhat sporadically fail, but you can do so amongst themselves

    Thx BernyR​

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