HDL 5.01 for PHILIPS DSX 607x

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      06-03-2007 22:10
    Version 5.01 (06.03.2007)

    Thanks to all beta-tester & all ppl that report suggestions and bugs.
    Thanks to Photos Of Ghost for help & suggestion.
    To initialize, reset FLASH & EEPROM.

    Suggested EMU Editor: EMUKreator 3.23 Gold or above.

    o Changed internal CHANNEL-LIST
    By default there is SuperLista Dual CORVONE 05/03/07

    o Fixed TPS-AU
    From this version you need just press C on any channel to grab new keyset and store it to FLASH.
    A message appears on TV and in one second you get picture!
    Encrypted AES keyschedule is stored in data flash inside the file /TPS/TPS

    6071 File
    Hash: ECBBEC1C802C33E7A05E9B187418DB3C

    6072 File
    Hash: 5AD7097E9B5793835E0041B3D0BDB837

    faccio un piccolo riassunto delle features del firmware allo stato attuale:

    2000 Channels, 255 Transponders, configurable symbol rates
    Up to 2000 channels and up to 255 transponders.

    Low Symbol Rates support
    Software limit set to 1.000 -> 45.000. Real support depends on hardware limit.

    Option to download via RS232 the following sections
    • TCS
    • TPT
    • TSR
    • EMU
    • TPS
    RS232 speed can be set in PERS-4-1 menu and is saved in settings.

    Supported EMU
    Seca, Viaccess, Irdeto, Nagravision, Cryptoworks, Biss.

    20 Menu Color Palette
    Option to choose between 20 different color palettes for osd menus.


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