LT Fifth SP7 DM7025- Very Final Edition

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    LT Fifth SP7 - Very Final Edition


    كود (text):

    So you thought that SP6 was end of the line for LT Fifth...

    DMM has been very productive and released so many updates to their boxes and we have been lazy and worked with our real work/life and not produced any LT Sixth yet. We just could not resist make a new improved LT Fifth for all you users.

    Special attention:
    First, as always we are afraid that Barry Allen will not work since we always only test the image in flash. This time special for dm8000 we really really press this point since the new secondstage is dependant on other packages in the image to work properly. If you fail to meet thoose dependencies you will fail to boot!

    Second, dm7025 is pushed beyond it's hardware so you must have a swapfile on CF (we do not recommend USB Stick on dm7025 due to USB not working 100% correct) otherwise the image will not work correct. You might want to ensure that EPG data is stored in CF so you don't fill your flash with the data.

    Enigma2 20090528

    dm7025 20090331
    dm800 20090430
    dm8000 20090520

    dm7025 61
    dm800 72
    dm8000 73

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