Nabilosat DM7000 Special GB-CCcam

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      22-03-2007 20:38
    كمى اشرت سابقا ان ب cccam اصبح من الممكن مشاهدة شارنغ ال gbox
    Nabilosat DM7000 Special GB-CCcam
    Ok mates.
    This is a special version of Nabilosat image DM7000 v 0.6 plus that is dedicated to Cccam 1.7.0 for working with Gbox server.
    Warning: Gbox cannot work alone on this image. Gbox can only work as server for CCcam 1.7.0.
    1) Install Image on your 7000
    2) Install Gbox 2.5
    3) Install Cccam 1.7.0
    4) Edit file /var/etc/CCcam.cfg
    5) Add line for the provider you want link by gbox, as for example for sky ita:
    X: 0919 000000
    6) Edit file /var/etc/smartcam.config find section CCcam
    as for example:
    osd-name 3= CCcam_1.7.0
    emulator 3= CCcam_1.7.0
    camd 3=
    daemon 3= CCcam_1.7.0
    kill 3=
    sleep 3= 4
    zap-sleep 3= 4
    Edit adding gbox to daemon in this way:
    osd-name 3= CCcam_1.7.0 Link Gbox
    emulator 3= CCcam_1.7.0 Link Gbox
    camd 3=
    daemon 3= CCcam_1.7.0;gbox
    kill 3=
    sleep 3= 5
    zap-sleep 3= 5
    All done start Cccam from emu panel and Cccam wil be linked to gbox.
    Have fun !!
    P.s. remember to add X line for others providers that you want that Cccam gets by gbox
    P.s. If you want to start emu by telnet waning: You have to start first CCcam and second gbox
    I tested and works fine both in normal connection and in Vpn.
    Please test and report here if it works.
    Download link:
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