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    1) Prerequisites

    Any current Image should work with the Menu Fantastic Plugin.

    2) Installation

    First copy the enigma2-plugin-extensions-fantastic*.ipk
    File from the enigma2-plugin-extensions-fantastic*.zip
    to /tmp with ftp (TCP/IP must be working already).

    If you have flashed an image that offer in Blue
    Pannel Manual Addon Install you can use this
    functionality to install the ipk file.

    If not, then install Menu Fantastic by entering the
    following commands in a Telnet session:

    cd /
    ipkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-fantastic*.ipk

    The ipkg install will also restart enigma for
    you to get the Menu Fantastic Plugin shown in addons
    menu. If it doesn't show up try to reboot

    3) Usage

    Menu Fantastic is a generic Menu Plugin
    for Enigma2 on the DMM 7025.

    The Menus ware completely free defined/configured
    via *.cfg files, here as an example the included

    S:main:Menu Fantastic Main
    E:main:Execute Shell in
    C:main:Execute Shell in
    I:main:Show Info Message:this is the info message
    I:main:Show Info Message with timeout:infomessage with timeout 20 sec:20
    M:newmenu:Show New Menu
    Y:newmenu:Show New Menu with question Y/N:nomenu
    T:newmenu:Show New Menu with Enter Text
    T:newmenu:Show New Menu with Enter Text with default:defaulttext
    L:newmneu:Show Log:logtext:log

    The syntax is always as follows:

    Command:cfg filename without cfg:Menu Label:action:eek:ption

    Possible Commands are as in the above example:

    S: Startup Command is a Shell script and will
    be executed on startup of the menu and it defines
    the menuname. Exception is the Mainmenu (which
    has to be named main.cfg), this script will be
    executed on Startup of enigma2 and hence can be
    used to execute things when booting.

    E: Execute of a script in background

    C: Execute of a script in a console windows of enigma2
    so that the output is displayed.

    I: Display of an Infomessage (optional with :timeout in seconds)
    If a file named infotext.txt at /tmp or the plugin
    directory it's first line will be displayed.

    D: Display of an Infomessage on LCD only

    M: Open of a new Menu

    Y: Open of a Menu with Y/N Question. Drpending on anser the menu
    from th beginning or ptions is shown

    T: Textentry, Text is passed as argument to the Startup script
    of the Menus (optional with :default text)

    R: Restart Option
    with :1 (Deepstandby) :2 (Reboot) :3 (Enigma2 restart) as parameter

    A: Applicationcontainer - LCD, Framebuffer and Remote Control
    are released by Enigma2 and TV is stopped.

    L: Logging option for passing text to a log.
    Possible options are wall, log, logappend or no option,
    the output goes to the consolelog of enigma2. The logfile
    is at /tmp/fantasticlog.txt

    P: With this you can call Plugins which are normaly only
    available via Games/Extensions.
    As Option you pass the directory name of the Plugins in
    Plugins/Extensions or Plugins/SystemPlugins.

    Besides a simple main.cfg there are 2 sample newmenu*.cfg
    included and a red.cfg for showing the SHIFT + Red button support
    as an example, and a few small shell scripts which show with
    wall and echo that they were called (and with what arguments)

    All these files reside in the plugin directory:


    The real application logic needs to be done in shell scripts,
    python scripts, etc. Menu Fantastic only relieves you from
    the programming of the python menus and the call of the
    scripts from enigma2 !

    Menu Fantastic Plugin is still in Field test,
    so the syntax of the menu files
    and their behaviour is vulnerable to changes, but this is
    the idea of a Field Test, that it can be implemented the
    way the users want it !

    ================================================== ====
    Have Fun with the Menu Fantastic Plugin on
    your Dreambox 7025 !!!!

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