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  1. Rambo

    Rambo كبار الشخصيات

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    ‏19 نوفمبر 2005
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      21-04-2006 09:33
    Plugin for DB to grab EPG info directly from the dreambox.
    See knowledge base for installation guide..

    - Changed from bleb to Radiotimes
    - Small Bugfixes

    - Bugfix Radiotimes

    - Bugfix Dtv and Radiotimes
    Mplug/MV on DB to get EPG for several days

    In this guide I assume that you are currently using MV for EPG on the DB.
    For the ones who install/have installed MV ver. 3.1b, there is provided an updated file ( that changes the layouten for "Alias Manager". Replace the one already in your DB (/var/tuxbox/plugins/ , then you will be able to see the entire channelname when mapping.
    For the ones with Gemini, ver. 3.51 can be put in manually. You can find it HERE
    Just put the tar.bz2 file in /tmp and choose manuel installation Wink

    For a more in depth guide on how to set up MV, you should read the MM-grabber/MV guide.


    Install MV if you haven’t already done so.
    Start the MV plugin and press the dream/menu button.
    Choose “input config”.
    Look at the “storage dir” option and memorize the setting (we need it later).

    1. Copy - Mplug - to /var/bin on your DB.
    2. Change rights on the file to 755 (With telnet you type this command: chmod 755 /var/bin/Mplug).
    3. the files contains all the channels you can grab from. Remove the ones you don’t need EPG from (remove the entire line, also the number in front, if there is one).
    4. You set number of days to grab in the files along with language for Dtv. (max number of days to grab for the sources are: Dtv=14,Bleb=7,Dag=7,Dr=7. Max for Eu is 9, but because of the way this site is built it may be only 1 day).
    5. If you want Film-tagging (so MV will tag films as film) change FILM=NO to FILM=YES in, and
    6. Copy –,,, and – to /var/tuxbox/config/mv
    7. Make a subfolder mplug in the “storage dir” folder (I told you, you needed it later). If you have it on an usb stick it should be /mnt/usb/mv/mplug.

    The syntax for the telnet command you use to grab EPG with Mplug is:
    /var/bin/Mplug Where-to-put-grabbed-file filename The_location_of_chan_files

    For the example above, and grabbing 7 days of EPG, this is:
    /var/bin/Mplug /mnt/usb/mv/mplug 1 /var/tuxbox/config/mv (you then also need to set DAYS=7 in all the files).

    Filname is either 1 or 0, 1 for mplug.xmltv.cfe and 0 for mplug.dat.
    The inputs.txt file should reflect this setting.
    The inputs.txt file supplied with this package expects 1.

    The inputs.txt has 4 different sources for Mplug
    1. Mplug -> older MV versions with xmltv.cfe
    2. Mplug_dat -> older MV versions with Epgui/dat
    3. Mplug_MV350 -> MV 3.50 and newer with xmltv.cfe
    4. Mplug_MV350_dat - > MV 3.50 and newer with Epgui/dat


    1. Copy the supplied inputs.txt file to /var/tuxbox/config/mv
    2. Open MV, press dream/menu, go into input config and choose Mplug as option.
    3. You will also have to map the new grabbed channels in the Alias Manager.


    You can also have Mplug run at given intervals using crontab/crond.
    There are 2 Install files, one for 7000 and one for 7020.
    1. Edit the next to last line in the Install(7020) file. How to edit is written in the file. The default is :
    00 02 * * * /var/bin/Mplug /mnt/usb/mv/mplug 1 /var/tuxbox/config/mv, which means that the startcommand for Mplug (explained earlier in this guide) is started at 02.00 every day)
    See the Install file for how to set crond correctly Wink
    2. Copy the Install file and crond to /tmp on your DB.
    3. Log on to the DB with telnet.
    4. Run the following commands:
    cd /tmp
    chmod 755 install (install7020 if it is a dm7020)
    ./install (install7020 if it is a dm7020)
    5. For 7020 you also need to add the following line to your bootmisc,sh file:
    [ -e /var/bin/crond ] && /var/bin/crond </dev/null 1>/dev/null 2>&1 &
    But there is also one supplied with this package, that is working (Thanks to tunhj1).
    6. crond will then run the command from the crontab file at the give interval. (in my example this is every day at 02.00)
    7. Reboot the DB and you are finished…
  2. aimendubai

    aimendubai عضو فعال

    إنضم إلينا في:
    ‏20 نوفمبر 2005
    الإعجابات المتلقاة:
      24-08-2006 18:26
    salut j ai un dreambox 7020s je deja maitre le gemini 3.00 et j ai deja instale le interface mais il n y a rien comme des chainne decrypte meme aussi j ai pas bien comprit comment faire la connection d internet avec le respteur svp aide moi
    resoudre ces probleme
    voila mon eamil ;[email protected]
  3. Rambo

    Rambo كبار الشخصيات

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    ‏19 نوفمبر 2005
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      24-08-2006 20:36
    la connection dreambpx et PC ou routeur se fais avéc un cable reseau ( cross over cable ) et tu doit configurer la dream pour que le resau fonctionne. Les IP de la Dreambox et du PC doivent étre connues
    pour cela insalle le prgramme DCC ( dream control centre ) tu le trouve ici et choisi la tuype de connection , routeur ou PC diréct , tu va voir l´IP de ton PC par exemple maintenent tu vas à ta dreambox et tu appuis sur le bouton Dream/setup/Expert/communication et tu choisi pour IP de la dreambox
    Tu vois l´IP du PC , mais le dernier chiffre +1
    type LAN
    namenserver C´est L´IP du PC
    gateway L´IP du PC
    tu met une crois sur activé le resau
    port 80
    et ensuite sur le bouton vert pour enrégister la configuration

    sur ton PC écris maintenent dans le DCC et sous le photo de dreambox l´IP de la dream quei est dans ce cas
    et connecte
    le resau doit étre ok
    si tu reuissi de faire ca , je vais de faire la prochaine lecon

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