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  1. karimsara

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    ‏1 جانفي 2006
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      29-04-2007 19:09
    Satandream-Sp-Ed-V-4_multiboot 28.4.2007

    للدريم بوكس 7000 للفلاش الخارجى

    Released 28.04.2007

    How to Install ????

    Use Flashwizard 6.3

    Based on GP 3.5

    Technical Infos:
    * Enigma of: 06.04.2007
    * GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
    * Web Interface: 6.0.2-Expert
    * Busybox 1.01
    * Tuxtxt V1.99

    Function Buttons:
    * BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
    * 2x BLUE - BP -> Extras/Settings
    * YELLOW - Quick-Button (can be configured via BP)
    * RED - EPG list for active channel
    * 2x RED - EPG style menu
    * GREEN - subservices

    * Own addon server via internet.
    * AutoCam: Emu can be linked to channels/provider
    * Cam settings: For example emu renaming, multichannel patch switchable ( >=7000 )
    * OSD: EMM- and ECM- Display switchable
    * Download and installation of additional features via Internet from Gemini server
    * System Info: Many extra box infos (for example harddisk-temperature or all Enigma settings)
    * Gemini news loaded in background
    * JPEGs can be rotated and the EXIF tags can be displayed ( >=7000 )
    * Support for OGG/Vorbis
    * Random function for MP3 and OGG
    * Quick-Button-Menu: Many extra features for the yellow button
    * smbmount
    * Support for CDROM/DVD, no matter if IDE or USB (>=7000 )
    * Record CIFS/NFS: Record to a CIFS or NFS mounted harddisk (only working without internal hard drive, mountpoint set to "var/mnt/hdd" and at least 3GB disk space)
    * Extra menu: Settings for many features like Inadyn, HTTPD, EPG-Cache, "/var" swap-out and many more
    * Backup function
    * Dreamnetcast: inclusive Shoutcast TOP(100)
    * Background pictures for Radio, MP3 and SCAN can be changed via Bluepanel
    * Own scripts can be started via Blue Panel
    * Calender including reminder (can be changed via .../calendar.conf)
    * MVI's can be converted and tested (from JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG)
    * Bootlogo for 7020 can be changed via menu
    * New font and libfribidi for arabic language
    * EPG for Dishnetwork
    * 2 new root entries for music and pictures can be created in the filemenu (BP->Extras/Settings->Root-Entry)
    * Create your own Satellites.xml
    * Dreambox can be used as printserver (BP->Extras/Settings->Printer (LPD), FAQ can be found in the database
    * Alarm clock with volume offset adjustable playing your own WAV-files.
    * Display of current channel stream rates ( >=7000)
    * cifs-1.42b
    * Multisocket second camd socket (cam1.socket) switchable.
    * Register an own addon server( useraddon.xml)
    * Provider, Frequencies, kSyms, and FEC could be displayed on the Infobar (If the Skins matches this function)
    * Picon implemented in Gemini
    * "real" automount, for examples have a look at: /var/etc/automount.conf. Devices, NFS or CIFS will be automatically mounted (Editor within the BP-Menu)
    * Dropbear is activ in all Images (SSH - Deamon)
    * cifs-1.44
    * Extensions for Skins (Thumbnails, 3D-Font, Pictures for Progressbar displaying)
    * Backgroundpictures (Radio- and File Mode) could be displayed as a Screensaver. Fileformat is the same as the @bexbier Screensaverplugin format
    * Backgroundpicture can be switched off (Plasma-Fix)
    * Dreamnetcast with Streamripper (direct recording from the server and automatic conversion into mp3 File format
    * Upnp Client and Server (available for DM500 - DM7000 as a Addon from our Server)
    * The Position of the Infobar can be changed without editing the Skinfile
    * Dropbear are now switchable (DM500 - DM7000: Standard->off

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  2. MASK

    MASK المدير العام طاقم الإدارة

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    ‏15 نوفمبر 2005
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      30-04-2007 01:32
    :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
  3. محمد بوبكر

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    ‏12 جويلية 2006
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      30-04-2007 01:37
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