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  1. fathi59

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    ‏19 نوفمبر 2005
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      06-06-2007 08:12
    c'est la nouvelle image dr l'équipe LT
    LT Image - The First Encounter Service Pack 2

    5th of June, 2007

    Some weeks has passed since the last LT update, but we are finally back with some new code for you to test in your box. This time, focus has been on trying to get the newest Enigma2 code into your box together with a small bugfix in the LT Code. We have got some requests to make the full image available, and of course we can do this!
    So, either update the usual way through the LT update service in the LT menu, or download the image and put it into flash directly!

    Note that the update can go wrong if the flash is full, so make sure to always take a backup before the update...the normal computer caution...

    LT vs Multiboot
    There has also been some discussions around using LT in multiboot. Our comment on this is that it MIGHT work, be we strongly suggest to use LT in flash, especially since a feature with LT is the online updates. For example, when we ship new DMM Drivers it is very important to have the image in flash as else there might be a mix between the drivers in different images...and this might cause serious trouble.

    LT vs Emu configs
    LT Image will never come with EMU's included and the configs that can be downloaded for LT Image has been setup so that MOST users can benefit from their settings. But as always with Dreambox...the user normally has to configure the EMU's according to his/her own setup. Please consider this and make sure that these are correctly setup.

    Technical info
    * Enigma2 20070529
    * Drivers 20070526
    * One small update in LT Menu
    * Of course new bootlogo

    j'ai fait l'update sur l'ancienne image pack1
    tout OK
  2. karimsara

    karimsara كبار الشخصيات

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    ‏1 جانفي 2006
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      06-06-2007 14:47
    الف شكر اخي انتضر منك المزيد:satelite:
  3. sami73

    sami73 مسؤول سابق

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    ‏6 فيفري 2007
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      07-06-2007 12:12
    مشكور أخي الى الامام
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