SDT DaVinci 5.6 FINAL

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  1. Rambo

    Rambo كبار الشخصيات

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    ‏19 نوفمبر 2005
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      10-05-2006 10:19
    SDT DaVinci 5.6 FINAL

    - Kernel and modules 2.6.9 (1_09.1d)
    - Enigma compiled 09/05/2006 - CVS modified by SDTeam
    - WebIf 5.9.7-expert + TELETEXT !
    - TuxTxt 1.98 (teletext)
    - Movieplayer 0.8.1
    - SDTboss Panel v2.6.8
    - emuboss v2.9.5 (emumanager)

    New in DV 5.6:

    - TeleText (Televideo) now available also from Web-Interface (new very useful new CVS feature)
    Go to web-int, then press "TEXT" link on the top-right (near VLC button)

    - TunerA icon on OSD:
    Already available on 7025, but new on 7000:
    icon lights when the service is tuned, stay black if tune has failed, or channel is not transmitting a signal.

    - FlashWizard remote:
    now is useable also from Multiboot installed images, allowing full operations.
    No more need to use it only from flash image.

    - all skins updates:
    Anim5.6 new from Mimi74
    Megalight 1.3a from Eagle

    - full cleanup of OSD implementation:
    now only the needed infos are displayed in each operating mode (TV, Radio, File)

    - bugfixes and updates, as ever! :)

    New in DV 5.5:

    - Support for an alternate Remote Control (!! new !!):
    On DaVinci 5.5 you can select the keymapping for "Philips Pronto" or another compatible programmable remote control.
    This is an absolutely innovative option, never seen on any other image before!!

    - ECM Display on OSD:
    Yellow, if encrypion is present (emm)
    Green, if it is used for decoding (ecm)

    - Decoding source display on OSD (card / emu / network)

    - Added Betacrypt to known encryptions icons, displayed on OSD for ecm and emm

    - Camd3:
    added caInfo as default item when SDT Advanced Infos window displays.

    - Gbox:
    added SC item on SDT Advanced Infos window, displays full infos on inserted sc.

    - Skins:
    Added latest Mimi "Anim 5.5" compact/extended 4:3/16:9, and Eagle's Megalight 1.2

    - Locales:
    Added updated Italian and French translations

    - A/V Settings shortcut:
    Added very useful shortcut to "Audio/Video Setup" window in BOSS Panel's "Extra Setup" (3x Blue Key)

    - EPG Wizard:
    updated default download channel to "SKY Assist"

    - As ever:
    various updates and fixes to emuboss and all the rest

    Download ICI
  2. aidi

    aidi عضو نشيط

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    ‏22 نوفمبر 2005
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      10-05-2006 13:38
    شكرا يا ولد ابلادى
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